Information For Spouses Of Injured Workers

Work-related injuries can affect whole families emotionally and financially, and often it takes a team effort on the part of both spouses to secure the full workers' compensation benefits to which an injured spouse is entitled.

Additionally, sometimes men and women who are injured at work are not inclined to talk openly and candidly about their injuries, and it takes encouragement from a spouse to get an injured worker to seek the care and benefits he or she really needs.

At The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, we understand these issues, and we encourage the spouses of injured workers to contact our firm in Charlotte to speak with a North Carolina workers' compensation lawyer. We provide free consultations.

If Your Spouse Has Been Injured On The Job, We Can Help

Workers' compensation provides a variety of benefits, including wage replacement and coverage of medical expenses resulting from the injury. Workers' comp also provides temporary and permanent disability benefits.

However, to receive the full benefits available through workers' compensation, your spouse has 30 days to provide the employer with written notice of the accident or injury, and the workers' comp claim must be filed with the North Carolina Industrial Commission within two years. In any case, it is important to promptly take care of these matters — and to do so with the help of an experienced workers' compensation attorney.

If you feel your spouse may be reluctant to file a legitimate claim because of pride or loyalty to the employer, you can explain to your spouse that the workers' comp system is a no-fault system, and it exists to protect employers from claims of fault, and to provide benefits to workers who have been injured on the job.

Encourage Your Spouse To Be Truthful And Thorough About The Extent Of The Injury

If your spouse is not inclined to speak candidly about a work-related injury, you can encourage your spouse not to downplay the situation, especially when talking to the employer, a doctor or the insurance adjuster.

Keep in mind that a workers' comp insurance adjuster's job is to ask questions that can potentially result in the minimization or denial of benefits, and even an innocent remark that downplays the severity of the injury could be used to deny or reduce the benefits your spouse needs and deserves.

In fact, we encourage injured workers and their families to speak with an experienced workers' compensation attorney before saying anything to an insurance adjuster.

At The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, we have successfully handled work injury claims involving a wide variety of injuries, including:

  • Brain and spine injuries
  • Back and neck injuries
  • Burn injuries
  • Injuries to large joints in the body, including rotator cuff injuries and labral tear injuries

We understand how sensitive these matters can be, and our clients can feel comfortable discussing the issues they face due to a work-related injury.

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