Veterans Disability Benefits Lawyers - Serving North Carolina's Veterans

The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but handles disability cases nationwide.

As a veteran, you served your country honorably and nobly. Now you are injured or disabled, and in need of veterans' benefits. Attorneys of The Bollinger Law Firm, PC are on your side. We have seen far too many cases of veterans who are getting the short end of the stick when it comes to disability benefits that are due to them.

Contact us to learn how our lawyers can help if you have encountered roadblocks in your efforts to access the veterans' benefits that you are entitled to in North Carolina.

Our lawyers are all too familiar with the stalling tactics that are clogging the veteran's benefits system in this country. You fought to keep your country safe. Now we are prepared to fight for you. The most recent statistics from the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims shows that approximately half of the VA cases that are originally denied are later demonstrated to have been improperly decided. Learn how we can help you correct the errors of the VA and make your appeals in a timely fashion.

Allow us to explain how we assist veterans in applying for appeals before the Board of Veterans' Appeals and if necessary, the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims. Your rating may have been lower than it should be.

Furthermore, in addition to your legitimate veterans' benefit claim, you might also have a valid workers' compensation and/or Social Security Disability claim that you were unaware of.

The Bollinger Law Firm, PC is a valuable resource for injured and disabled veterans seeking financial assistance through all available resources, including veterans' disability benefits. Contact us to schedule a free consultation and case evaluation.