Getting Paid When You've Been Hurt On The Job

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When new clients ask our lawyers, "How do I get paid when I've been hurt on the job?" we are ready to help. Our goal is to answer the question in the most timely and expeditious way possible. Often, we discover that workers who have been injured on the job, have had to miss work and have reported the injury to their HR department do not receive wage replacement payments that they are entitled to in a timely manner. We can help.

Schedule a consultation with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer after a workplace injury. Contact an experienced workers' compensation attorney at the law offices of The Bollinger Law Firm, PC in Charlotte, North Carolina.

You May Be Entitled To Wage Replacement Through Workers' Comp

Learn about the benefits that you are entitled to after a workplace accident, including payment for qualified medical expenses and wage replacement.

Many employees expect their companies' HR departments to help after they have been hurt on the job. While individual HR representatives may be sympathetic, their task is to limit any damage done to the company's bottom line as a result of your injury. Neither they nor the workers' compensation insurer are obliged to volunteer the information when you are qualified to receive wage replacement payments. Perhaps you were informed in some small-print document — but you never noticed the information, or didn't understand it.

Have You Received A Denial Notice After Applying For Income Benefits?

Or maybe you did file a timely claim for wage replacement benefits according to standard procedures, but now you have received a denial notice. If you haven't heard back from your workers' compensation insurance claims adjuster after 14 days, contact us. We aggressively pursue benefits that our clients are entitled to after a workplace injury, including any applicable wage replacement benefits. Some lawyers will not accept "denied" workers' comp cases, but we will. We don't mind the fight. We love to win and hate to lose.