Workers' Comp Lawyers For On-The-Job Trucking Accidents

Perhaps because Charlotte is a major trucking center for tractor trailers traveling north and south, and heading out westward across the U.S., our workers' compensation and Social Security Disability law firm often advises and represents injured truckers. If you have suffered a back injury, shoulder injury or any type of injury while driving trucks for pay, or working in the trucking industry, then contact us.

Your Employer May Claim That You Are Not Actually An Employee

It is common these days for trucking industry employers to try to set drivers up as "independent contractors" — so as to avoid paying benefits that full-time employees would be entitled to receive. However, just because your employer says you are an independent contractor does not necessarily make it so. Usually it is just not true, but you will need a lawyer to fight the battle.

As A De Facto Employee, You May Qualify For A Workers' Compensation Claim For Your Truck Driver Injuries

Whether you are an employee or considered a self-employed independent contractor depends in large part on how much control your employer has over your day-to-day work activities. You may in fact be an employee, and be covered by workers' compensation in the event of a traumatic injury (due to a crash, for example) or a repetitive injury (including joint injuries that occur over time). An experienced workers' compensation attorney is a valuable source of information, and an advocate who can help ensure that you receive all compensation that you are due when you have been injured while on the job as a truck driver.

Might You Have A Social Security Disability Claim Also?

Learn how to document and file a workers' compensation claim pertaining to your truck driver injuries. If you are unable to drive as you did before because of your truck driver injuries for a year or more, you may have a Social Security Disability claim as well. Contact The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, at 704-879-1800 or toll free at 866-218-4759.