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Sanitation worker injured on the job after helium tank explodes

It is not unusual for North Carolina residents and people elsewhere to not give much thought to what they put in their trash. Certainly, some people may be avid recyclers and give away items that could be reused, but often, when someone considers something trash, it goes in the trash. Unfortunately, if an item is placed in the trash when it should have been disposed of otherwise, a sanitation worker could wind up injured on the job.

Individual injured at work rescued by firefighters

When work-related accidents take place, it is commonly necessary for emergency crews to come to the scene. In some cases, they may need to rescue workers who have become trapped or are unable to move on their own. The individuals who have been injured at work may feel fearful during this time, but rescue workers can often help address the situation as needed.

Worker injured on the job after person steals truck

Going to work is a task that many North Carolina residents may feel is a mundane part of their day. Of course, a typical, mundane day could quickly turn into one that is much more eventful, though not necessarily in a good way. Unfortunately, many people end up injured on the job due to unexpected events.

Man nearly loses arm after being injured on the job

The types of injuries North Carolina workers suffer can significantly impact recovery. In some cases, injuries may only cause minor setbacks, and in others, wounds can cause permanent damage. When a person is injured on the job, he or she undoubtedly hopes for the best, but it can be difficult to know what challenges will result until later.

Workplace injuries can cause financial concerns

Finances are often tricky for many North Carolina residents and those elsewhere. They may budget and save, but a sudden setback could throw their financial security out of order. One such event that may cause monetary concerns is suffering workplace injuries. However, workers' compensation can often help quell financial worries for qualifying individuals.

North Carolina workers injured on the job, fatality results

Many people may not consider the many sacrifices that go into the construction of a new building or other structure. Some may even think that workers on the project must not do much because it can take a long time for completion. However, it is not unusual for workers to lose their lives from being injured on the job while trying to complete these projects.

Workers' comp benefits may help after work-related fire

The loss of a loved one can take a toll on a family in many ways. One aspect that some individuals may not fully consider is the financial turmoil that can result, especially if the person generated a substantial amount of the family's income. In the event that a person dies as a result of work-related injuries, workers' comp benefits may be able to help surviving family.

Workplace injuries prove fatal after mechanic accident

Suffering injuries at work can range from being a minor inconvenience to life-threatening or fatal. In the latter cases, North Carolina families who were expecting their loved ones to come home from work as they always do may instead learn devastating news that their family members have suffered fatal workplace injuries. Regrettably, these incidents can have far-reaching effects for surviving families.

North Carolina EMS worker injured on the job in ambulance crash

Work-related accidents can happen under any number of circumstances. Those circumstances can play major roles in the severity of the incidents, and it is common for workers to be injured on the job because of these accidents. In many cases, such events could be preventable.

Worker injured on the job after falling in clock tower

Whether out of a sense of obligation or enjoyment, North Carolina residents often go to their jobs on a regular basis. They may consider it part of their almost-daily routine and understand the importance of holding down a stable job. However, many people may not go to work expecting to be injured on the job and to have their lives seriously affected.

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