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5 things truckers should know about injuries

Semitruck drivers face some very specific injury risks. The nature of the work puts you in danger on each shift if you drive these large trucks. Repetitive motion, falls and crashes are all possible sources of injuries. You might opt to file for workers' compensation benefits if you suffer an injury while you are working. These are some points to consider if you are facing this situation.

We can help determine if injury is work-related or not

Getting hurt on the job is a worry in and of itself-add to it the stress of medical bills and determining if the injury was sustained in the course of employment or not, and North Carolina employees may end up feeling overwhelmed. However, they may not be aware that lawyers at our law firm can help alleviate their stress by guiding them through the legal process.

What are distractions that lead to workplace injuries?

North Carolina residents know they shouldn't be texting and driving, but do they know about cellphone regulations on the job? With 61 percent of people across the country owning a cellphone, and 3 billion text message being sent during a single day, chances are that more and more people are using their cellphone while working. And even though people assume using a cellphone while driving is the only unsafe behavior, the reality is that using a cellphone while working is just as big a distraction and can lead to someone getting hurt on the job.

Who should carry workers' compensation?

North Carolina employees may hear a lot about workers' compensation and how it is their right to file a claim to recover compensation to cover medical bills associated with a work accident, but they may not know if their company carries worker compensation or not.

Understanding North Carolina repetitive stress injuries

For workers in North Carolina, certain jobs make it necessary to perform the same movements over and over again. This can lead to various physical maladies that can render them unable to work or make work painful and difficult. These are known as repetitive stress injuries and they can justify a worker applying for workers' compensation benefits. It is imperative for an injured worker to understand the objective facts about these injuries before moving forward with a filing.

How does workers' compensation help employees?

Workers' compensation is provided for through both federal and state programs and may be able to help workers who are injured or ill in a variety of ways. Family members may also be able to receive help from workers' compensation programs. In general, workers' compensation is a disability compensation program for workers. While Workers' Compensation is a federal program, states also have workers' compensation programs for non-federal workers who work for private employers. In general, workers who have been injured on the job, or who have suffered an occupational disease, can recover disability compensation through benefits that fall into different categories.

What is covered by North Carolina workers' compensation?

North Carolina workers may be aware that they can file for workers' compensation, if they get hurt on the job, and they may receive workers' compensation benefits in lieu of their injury. However, they may not be fully aware of what is covered by these benefits.

Injuries covered by North Carolina workers' compensation

After going over the blog posted on the Charlotte NC Workers' Comp Law Blog last week regarding the rejection of workers' compensation benefits to injured state workers because their injuries were not sustained during the course of their employment, North Carolina workers may be worried about what injuries do come under the scope of workers' comp. The simple answer is that any injury that is in connected to an employment condition or requirement is covered by workers' compensation.

Court holds NC state workers hurt outside course of employment

When a worker gets injured on the job, he or she may be able to file a workers' compensation claim. A successful claim can ensure their medical expenses arising out of the injury are covered and lost wages are recouped. However, even though it is an injured worker's right to file a claim, a case is not always initially successful. It is therefore important to know not only the applicable rules of the workers' compensation process, but also what it entails. Not every accident is a slip-and-fall at an office space. In fact, some accidents take place outside of the immediate workspace and the rules governing such injuries can be complex.

OSHA pushing for temporary workers' safety

Finding a job is hard enough, but when North Carolina residents are employed in jobs for which they do not have adequate training, they may end up sustaining injuries on the job. This is the risk that temporary workers face routinely-the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fears that these workers are placed in a variety of jobs for which they have not received proper training, sometimes even doing the most hazardous jobs in the workplace. According to them, temporary workers are more susceptible to workplace safety issues.

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