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Numbness in the arms, hands or fingers

Experiencing numbness in the arms, hands, or fingers -- or anywhere, for that matter -- can be a scary experience. It's only natural for your mind to go to the worst case scenario: Do I have a brain tumor? Did I have a stroke?

Young workers more likely to suffer injuries on the job

When the economy plummeted, many young people were forced to join the workforce, either as an alternative to studying or accompanying their studies as a way to pay for their schooling. Even though the economy is improving right now, many young people still make up a significant part of the workforce. In fact, there were around 18.1 million workers in the workforce younger than 24 years of age in 2013. This translates to 13 percent of the workforce.

OSHA pushing for temporary workers' safety

Finding a job is hard enough, but when North Carolina residents are employed in jobs for which they do not have adequate training, they may end up sustaining injuries on the job. This is the risk that temporary workers face routinely-the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) fears that these workers are placed in a variety of jobs for which they have not received proper training, sometimes even doing the most hazardous jobs in the workplace. According to them, temporary workers are more susceptible to workplace safety issues.

How employers can improve workers' compensation programs

The workers' compensation system exists to protect workers in case they suffer injuries on the job. A successful claim grants the injured worker workers' compensation benefits that can be utilized to cover medical treatment for the injury and also replace lost wages. However, it is possible that the very workers' compensation system that is supposed to protect workers may be harming them.

Woman crashes into dump truck in North Carolina

When driving, many drivers may not notice the industrial and construction employees working diligently on the side of the road, fixing roads, sinkholes and performing other routine work. Orange cones are supposed to highlight where workers are hard at work and if the project is big enough, drivers may see signs indicating they should reduce their speed since they are approaching a work zone. However, if there is one lone worker performing some maintenance tasks and drivers are not paying attention to the road, it is possible to injure workers.

Reports show slashing OSHA fines in grain bin accident deaths

As North Carolina residents may know, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may launch an investigation into a workplace accident and fine an employer for creating an unsafe working environment for its employees. When workers suffer injuries on the job, they may become eligible to receive workers compensation from their employer.

Policy brief analyzes low wage-worker injuries and benefits

Many positive steps have been taken in improving worker safety for workers across the country. However, North Carolina residents earning below the median wage of $11.19 an hour know a different reality -- their lower wage makes them more vulnerable to financial problems after a workplace injury.

North Carolina tries to overhaul workers' comp

The flaws in North Carolina's workers' compensation program have been pointed out many times in the news over the past year, starting from the shocking discovery that more than 30,000 employers who were required to carry workers' compensation for their employees did not do so, to a report last August that many North Carolina businesses are cutting costs by skimping on insuring their workers.

Underreporting injuries may lead to fatalities in drilling sector

According to the chief of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration, the fatality rate in the oil and rig industry is seven times more than that in any other industry. Despite these statistics, North Carolina residents may be surprised to hear that injuries on the job are not similarly high. This may be because there is not a culture of reporting incidents, which leaves relevant parties in the dark about the possibly unsafe work environment.

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