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What are the duties of an employer after an industrial accident?

Obtaining and maintaining employment is important for the residents in North Carolina and elsewhere in the nation. While numerous jobs pose little if any risks, some workers are employed in positions that are inherently dangerous. Despite the efforts to implement safety measures such as specialized training and safety equipment, these risky jobs, such as industrial jobs, could cause on-the-job injuries for employees.

Labor commissioner rewards workplace safety in North Carolina

No matter what industry an employee is in, workers in North Carolina expect that certain steps will be made to protect their health and safety in the workplace. Their job is their livelihood, and if they suffer an injury in a work accident, their ability to maintain a job could be compromised. Workplace injuries could leave an employee in serious pain, cause them to endure medical issues and leave them with financial hardships. In these matters, workers' compensation could be greatly beneficial.

Employer knew of unsafe conditions before workplace injuries

There are many costs of doing business in North Carolina: operating costs, advertising costs and insurance costs. However, a workplace injury caused by an employer's negligence should never be included in the cost of doing business. Unfortunately, according to some workers' advocacy groups, that is precisely what some employers consider safety penalties levied by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

OSHA inspectors at all-time low; workplace injury rate stagnant

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration, created in 1971, is charged with preventing worker injuries, work-related deaths and workplace accidents. Since OSHA's inception, its efforts have reduced injuries by more than 40 percent and workplace deaths by more than 60 percent. When an injury or death is reported, OSHA usually sends inspectors to the worksite to investigate the accident. If the employer is found negligent, OSHA can impose fines based on the severity of the violation and previous violations.

Employee injured after an explosion at a North Carolina lab

Although there are certain jobs that are inherently dangerous, there are also some career paths that hold very little to any risks to employees. Even when this is the case, if proper safety measures are not upheld, an employee is not properly trained or an employer fails to safeguard their employees, even the safest jobs could endure a workplace accident.

Employers encouraged to reduce workplace accidents

Employers hire workers of all ages, and it is their responsibility to make their workplace equally safe for employers in their mid-twenties and mid-fifties. Even though many people in North Carolina may think that younger workers bring with them energy and technological skill that older workers may not possess, that is not always the case. Older workers bring many advantages to companies as well. Not only do they usually have a lot more institutional knowledge, but they are also much more cautious on the job, which may end up resulting in less workplace injuries. Another reason they may avoid getting hurt on the job is because they are more likely to follow rules and regulations and less likely to goof around at work.

How to avoid workplace injuries in snowy conditions

Winter brings with it many activities, such as sledding, snow fighting and ice-skating. However, these fun-filled activities come with equally risky activities, such as driving on icy roads and walking across icy parking lots. Not many North Carolina residents take slip and fall injuries seriously, but every year thousands get hurt on the job in this manner, causing thousands in lost days and millions in lost wages and productivity.

Workplace accident victim seriously injured after 30-foot fall

North Carolina residents know that accidents can happen at the most unexpected times. A person may be performing some routine task when a fall accident or machinery malfunction takes them by surprise. Thankfully, though, there are laws set in place that protect people who experience such misfortunes while on the job.

More healthcare workers hurt on the job than other professionals

Even though North Carolina residents may hear a lot about construction worker injuries, they may not be aware that healthcare workers reported more than 150,000 workplace injuries than construction workers. In fact, healthcare workers outnumber construction workers two to one. The Public Citizen, highlighting the fact that more healthcare workers are hurt on the job than any other worker, outlined these statistics in a recent report.

Reducing workplace injuries is good business sense

When a workplace injury takes place, it not only places a financial and emotional toll on the victims and their family members, but it also affects an employer's bottom line. This is why it is important to everyone affected that the injured employee recovery properly and timely.

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