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How does workers' compensation help employees?

Workers' compensation is provided for through both federal and state programs and may be able to help workers who are injured or ill in a variety of ways. Family members may also be able to receive help from workers' compensation programs. In general, workers' compensation is a disability compensation program for workers. While Workers' Compensation is a federal program, states also have workers' compensation programs for non-federal workers who work for private employers. In general, workers who have been injured on the job, or who have suffered an occupational disease, can recover disability compensation through benefits that fall into different categories.

Injuries covered by North Carolina workers' compensation

After going over the blog posted on the Charlotte NC Workers' Comp Law Blog last week regarding the rejection of workers' compensation benefits to injured state workers because their injuries were not sustained during the course of their employment, North Carolina workers may be worried about what injuries do come under the scope of workers' comp. The simple answer is that any injury that is in connected to an employment condition or requirement is covered by workers' compensation.

Court holds NC state workers hurt outside course of employment

When a worker gets injured on the job, he or she may be able to file a workers' compensation claim. A successful claim can ensure their medical expenses arising out of the injury are covered and lost wages are recouped. However, even though it is an injured worker's right to file a claim, a case is not always initially successful. It is therefore important to know not only the applicable rules of the workers' compensation process, but also what it entails. Not every accident is a slip-and-fall at an office space. In fact, some accidents take place outside of the immediate workspace and the rules governing such injuries can be complex.

Worker safety essential in North Carolina's severe weather

North Carolina residents may think the worst of the storms are over, as winter is now finally giving way to spring. However, the most dangerous weather in North Carolina often begins at this time, as tornadoes, flash flooding and severe thunderstorms are just coming to the mountains now. Different parts of North Carolina are going to face different weather challenges, with the west threatened more by thunderstorms than by tornadoes.

North Carolina electrical lineman injured on job receives honors

A North Carolina electrical lineman is being recognized for his dedication while restoring power during one of the recent winter storms in the region. The lineman was working with his crew to restore power in South Carolina when a vehicle slammed into another vehicle near the site where the lineman was working. The car grazed the left side of the lineman and it was later discovered that it had broken his knee cap. The lineman was back at the job site the following day. He is now at home and recovering under a doctor's care.

Workers' compensation program helps reduce worker deaths in N.C.

Increasing awareness about worker safety and health is making a difference in the number of workplace deaths not only in North Carolina, but across the country as well. Safety regulations and federal and state workers' compensation insurance programs are going a long way in improving worker safety. The number of North Carolinian workers who died on the job decreased from 53 to 38 from 2011 to 2012, and last year saw 23 deaths in the state.

North Carolina employers appeal fines for workplace injuries

Losing a loved one in a tragic workplace accident can place many burdens on family members -- emotional, physical and financial. Though it may not be possible to quantify their loss, the North Carolina Occupational Safety and Health Division does just that when they fine businesses for safety violations that lead to workplace injuries or deaths. However, as an investigative report recently learned, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration often reduces or even removes these fines, allowing businesses to get away with their violations in the eyes of safety experts.

North Carolina State Fair host to another worker accident

North Carolina residents likely remember the State Fair ride called The Vortex that injured five people recently. There was an article posted about the incident on this blog, which detailed the ways the ride operator might be eligible for workers' compensation.

Football players may sustain permanent disabilities

It is possible to divide worker's injuries into two categories: those injuries that manifest themselves immediately and those that only become evident after a long period of time has passed. It is not possible to say which is more dangerous, since each injury plays out in different ways, but it may be harder to pinpoint the exact cause of long-term injuries because they develop over time.

Woman crashes into dump truck in North Carolina

When driving, many drivers may not notice the industrial and construction employees working diligently on the side of the road, fixing roads, sinkholes and performing other routine work. Orange cones are supposed to highlight where workers are hard at work and if the project is big enough, drivers may see signs indicating they should reduce their speed since they are approaching a work zone. However, if there is one lone worker performing some maintenance tasks and drivers are not paying attention to the road, it is possible to injure workers.

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