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Consult experienced counsel before filing workers' comp claim

An on-the-job injury at a work site could be life changing. After North Carolina construction workers are injured in a work accident, they may not know what their options are and who to turn to for guidance on the matter. They may consider approaching an insurer, but insurers often delay or mishandle claims for accidental injuries, even where time is of the essence due to the nature of the injury.

Speeding in work zones causes most construction worker accidents

At any given time there are more than 150 major road work zones across North Carolina, according to state transportation officials. These work zones are not only on major highways but also on secondary roads and North Carolina routes. When drivers approach a work zone, it is imperative that they slow down and pay close attention to the road to ensure construction workers' safety. When they fail to do so, tragic construction workers' accidents can take place.

Forest education ranger dies in work accident at park

When North Carolina workers go to their jobs in the morning, their every expectation is to come back to their families safe and sound. When things do not go as planned and they get injured in a work accident, not only is the injured worker traumatized by the injuries they have sustained, but their family members are also devastated by the incident. In addition to this, if the injured or deceased worker is the main breadwinner of the family, it can put an enormous financial strain on the victim's family members.

North Carolina agency investigates fatal accident at plant

Employers are charged with ensuring its employees aren't subjected to unsafe working environments. This means not only training employees on the working culture but also ensuring that all potential hazards are warded off by following correct safety procedures. Where an industrial accident does take place, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration may launch an investigation into the work accident.

Second fire in same North Carolina plant sparks investigation

Even though every job carries with it some risk of injury, some jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others. These hazardous jobs could result in factory or industrial accidents. Workers are operating heavy machinery, often performing repetitive and boring tasks that could dull them into complacency and result in industrial accidents. Depending on the line of work, industrial workers could also be exposed to dangerous chemicals that could lead to factory explosions and fires.

Two workers hurt in construction site accident

In Mecklenburg, there are many jobs that could be considered dangerous. One of the more treacherous but necessary jobs involves construction. In spite of all the safety precautions that reputable construction companies take, a work accident can happen at any time without warning. When a construction site accident occurs, those who have been hurt and their families need to understand that the injured person should be eligible for workers' compensation.

The right equipment can prevent worker eye injuries

Worker safety encompasses many aspects-not only do employers need to create a safe working environment but also, where the nature of the work is such that requires outdoor work or work with machinery, workers should be provided with personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment includes boots, gloves and even clothes in such industries. However, with an increase in diversification in the workforce, employers need to focus on ensuring each worker has equipment that fits them, as loose or ill fitting equipment may lead to work accidents.

Construction industry in N.C. leads in fatal workplace accidents

Workers injured in a construction workers' accident have legal benefits to consider. Although the number of workplace injuries and accidents has dropped in North Carolina, the construction industry was the leading industry for fatal workplace accidents in the past year. There were ten fatal construction accidents last year and 16 the year prior. Overall, there were 35 workplace fatalities last year and 53 the year before.

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