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Study proposes closed formulary in NC to cut workers’ comp costs

Paying benefits to injured workers isn’t cheap, and states are continually working to come up with ways to make the system more efficient and to reduce the number and cost of claims. One of the recent recommendations from a new study by the Workers’ Compensation Research Institute is that North Carolina’s workers’ compensation systems could benefit from a closed drug formulary, or a system in which there is a defined list of the drugs the workers’ compensation system would cover.

Things Every Truck Driver Should Know About Workers' Comp in North Carolina

Compared with the general public, commercial truck drivers are much more likely to encounter health problems. This is the case for a number of reasons linked to the nature of the job: long hours, stress, irregular schedules, limited physical activity, and lack of healthy food options while on the road.

Workers’ compensation coverage and the “by accident” requirement, P.3

In previous posts, we’ve been discussing the “by accident” requirement. As we’ve said, the by accident requirement generally excludes coverage for injuries which occur gradually and injuries which occur as part of the ordinary course of work and not as part of a separate event deemed an accident.

Workers’ compensation coverage and the “by accident” requirement, P.2

Last time, we began speaking about workers’ compensation coverage and the “by accident” requirement, under which a worker is only entitled to workers’ comp benefits if his or her injury was preceded and caused by a separate event that can be classified as an accident.

Workers’ compensation coverage and the “by accident” requirement, P.1

There are a wide variety of injuries that can occur on the job, regardless of the kind of job under consideration. Some workplace injuries are covered by the workers’ compensation system, while others are not. The primary requirement for coverage, which we’ve mentioned before on this blog, is that the injury was caused by an accident or event arising out of and in the course of employment.

We can help determine if injury is work-related or not

Getting hurt on the job is a worry in and of itself-add to it the stress of medical bills and determining if the injury was sustained in the course of employment or not, and North Carolina employees may end up feeling overwhelmed. However, they may not be aware that lawyers at our law firm can help alleviate their stress by guiding them through the legal process.

When is my injury covered by workers' compensation?

Since working takes up such a large portion of North Carolina workers' days, they may end up forming friendships with the people with whom they work and engage in conversations or horse around with each other on the job. This can be expected-no one works all day without fooling around a little with one's colleagues. Most of the time, the horseplay and joking around is harmless, but it is possible that an employee could get hurt during the course of this type of incident. Are these injuries covered by workers' compensation, as they were sustained while in the workplace, but maybe not strictly while working?

What are distractions that lead to workplace injuries?

North Carolina residents know they shouldn't be texting and driving, but do they know about cellphone regulations on the job? With 61 percent of people across the country owning a cellphone, and 3 billion text message being sent during a single day, chances are that more and more people are using their cellphone while working. And even though people assume using a cellphone while driving is the only unsafe behavior, the reality is that using a cellphone while working is just as big a distraction and can lead to someone getting hurt on the job.

Safety tips to avoid work accidents in snowstorms

As the country is covered by relentless snow storms, and children are kept home from schools one snow day after another, not every North Carolina worker may have the luxury of sipping warm coffee at home in front of a fire. Many have to go into work, and their work is even more necessary because of the snowstorm;their jobs facilitate others when it is snowing, such as clearing snow from the road, removing damaged power lines or fallen trees.

Young workers more likely to suffer injuries on the job

When the economy plummeted, many young people were forced to join the workforce, either as an alternative to studying or accompanying their studies as a way to pay for their schooling. Even though the economy is improving right now, many young people still make up a significant part of the workforce. In fact, there were around 18.1 million workers in the workforce younger than 24 years of age in 2013. This translates to 13 percent of the workforce.

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