Got An Impossible Workers’ Comp case? Call Bob Bollinger. He Deals Successfully With Unwinnable Cases And Difficult Clients. Posted by: Norlinda, a workers’ compensation client

My case is still in litigation and Mr. Bollinger has worked arduously on it for almost a year and a half. It is a very difficult case that most lawyers would refuse to handle. In fact, several in North Carolina and in Maryland adamantly declined to represent me. I fell and sustained a serious injury to my wrist, requiring surgery, while working out of state. I didn’t know for sure how the fall happened. This gave the insurance company every opportunity to deny the claim and to conjure up any numbers of reasons for the fall that did not involve my job. Mr. Bollinger took the case against all odds and has dealt with the insurance company with dogged perseverance. In addition, he’s been faced with an even more formidable problem — his own client. A single woman living alone for years, I must handle every aspect of my life aggressively and have thus tried to run my own workers’ comp case. Despite my continued intrusions into the case, only a few of which were helpful, he’s been very tactful and tolerant and has been unusually professional in handling this aspect of the case. I hear only good things about him and I am convinced he is very well-versed in workers’ comp law. He answers emails and calls very quickly, sometimes within minutes, and takes all the time his clients need. His paralegal has spent quite a bit of her time explaining in detail the many questions I’ve asked. I highly recommend Bob Bollinger for people with unusual and/or very complex cases. I feel confident that in the end we will prevail. – Comment by Bob: “We ended up winning this case for her.”

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