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The workers' compensation system and employers are not always fair. That is why you often need a strategy and an advocate to carry out that strategy. Since 1999, The Bollinger Law Firm has advocated for people in North Carolina who have been injured on the job. We can help you navigate this process and get medical bills and lost wages paid.

Before becoming an attorney, Bob Bollinger worked many jobs that were physically demanding, including stock boy at a dime store, carpet cushion cutter at a foam rubber factory and furniture factory worker. At those jobs, he saw people get hurt.

Bob explains, "Management often treated employees like they were expendable. People would get hurt and they would get treated like crap. All of this developed a desire in me to help people who get hurt at work. They often get taken advantage of by managers and insurance adjusters. I advocate for these injured workers. I level the playing field against the managers and insurance companies who are taking advantage of them."

Bob Bollinger is a Board-Certified Specialist in North Carolina workers’ compensation law

We Have Answers. We're Ready To Help You.

Being injured at work raises many questions. Here are some of the workers' compensation questions we are asked frequently:

  • What if I was hurt on the job?
  • Who pays for my medical bills?
  • Can I get paid for time lost from work?
  • What is the work comp claims process?
  • Can my employer fire me after a work injury?

Get answers to these questions and more by visiting our FAQ page. Or better yet, just give us a call: 704-879-1800. It won't cost you a dime.

How Do SSD Benefits Work?

You are entitled to receive social security disability (SSD) benefits when you are injured at work and that injury results in a disability. You did not want, expect or ask to be hurt, but you were. For years, you have paid into social security through payroll deductions. But the government does not always make it easy to collect these benefits, even when they are legitimately owed. If this sounds like you, The Bollinger Law Firm can help.

Calling Us Won’t Cost You A Dime

Please call us in Charlotte at 704-879-1800 to schedule your free strategy session. You may also email us to request your appointment. One of our workers’ compensation lawyers will discuss your case with you, write up the strategy discussed and send it to you free of charge after the consultation.

When you call or email us, please let us know your claim status. That is, has your claim been filed, accepted or denied? Knowing where you are at in the process helps us decide how to approach your case strategy. Remember: It won’t cost you a dime; it will only cost you your time. We look forward to speaking with you.

Photo (Left to Right): Vicki Norman, Janice Craig, Bob Bollinger, Chad Winebarger, Nick Stark

How Do Fees Work?

In Workers’ Compensation cases in NC, every lawyer charges the same fee, which is a 25 percent contingent fee. The fee is controlled by law. If every lawyer charges the same percentage, then why not hire the best possible lawyer you can to help you with your case?

A lawyer like Bob Bollinger, who is a Board-Certified Specialist with nearly 30 years of experience, charges the same amount as a lawyer who got out of law school last year and is handling his first Workers’ Compensation case. Don’t be his guinea pig. Who would you rather have taking care of you and having such a large impact on your life and financial health? Hire the best, most experienced lawyer you can find. It will not cost you any extra!

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