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Industrial accidents typically result in serious injuries

No one leaves for their job and thinks that he or she will be involved in a serious work-related accident. Unfortunately, unsuspecting workers in North Carolina and elsewhere often end up in this type of predicament. Industrial accidents can lead to a number of unpredicted outcomes, and it is common for workers to need time to recover from injuries suffered.

Two workers in another state will certainly want to consider their recovery options and avenues for financial assistance after recently being injured. Reports stated that the accident took place at a metal fabrication plant and involved an explosion. At the time of the report, it was believed that the explosion and resulting fire took place in a dust collector. One worker stated that he was in his vehicle waiting for the shift change when the incident occurred and stated that debris came down on vehicles.

Construction accident can easily lead to multiple injuries

Working in construction allows numerous individuals in North Carolina to make their livings. Of course, the job often changes from day to day, and new hazards can quickly present themselves. Unfortunately, many injuries can result from a construction accident that takes place due to machinery malfunctions, structure collapses and various other scenarios.

It was recently reported that two individuals in another state were injured in this type of accident. Apparently, the parties were working to demolish a building when a wall collapse occurred. One of the workers was on the roof and was removing concrete, and as a result of the collapse, he fell from the roof to the floor below, which was reported as being 12 feet down. It was unclear how the second worker was involved.

Several suffer workplace injuries after explosion

Numerous people are employed, and as a result, numerous people are also at risk of suffering illness or injury because of their jobs. It is not always a guarantee that someone will make it home safely, and some jobs, like those in industrial plants or on construction sites, can pose more risks than other positions. In any case, if a person suffers workplace injuries, they may need financial help on top of medical assistance.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a serious work-related accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that an explosion occurred at a water reclamation plant, and the incident caused the roof of the building to collapse. As a result, 10 people suffered injuries, and at least two workers were trapped inside.

Loading dock injuries negatively impact workers

Loading and unloading semitruck trailers is a very dangerous task for anyone who is near the area. Often, heavy equipment helps workers to complete this task. It is imperative that any business dealing with this type of situation has a clear plan of action for handling the risks.

Without proper safety procedures and protocols in place, workers might become crushed by falling cargo, run over by a forklift or pinned against something. Instituting a few different policies can be beneficial in these cases. Here are some important points to consider if you work in loading and unloading zones:

Repetitive injury: What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

All workers in North Carolina are exposed to workplace hazards, regardless of the jobs they do. However, it is easier to get workers' compensation benefits for injuries that are obvious, such as fractured bones or lacerations than for injuries that involve musculoskeletal disorders and those resulting from occupational overuse. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive injury that causes chronic pain for workers who use their hands to repeat similar motions for hours without adequate breaks.

The primary nerve to the hand runs through the wrist, encased in a narrow tunnel-like passageway along with the tendons that are necessary to bend the fingers. In turn, each one of these muscles has a protecting sheath that lubricates it. When the hand and fingers perform the same repetitive motions over and over, the lubrication can fail and cause friction and swelling of the tendons. In the restricted space of the carpal tunnel, the swollen muscles squeeze the median nerve, which can suffer permanent damage over time.

North Carolina worker seriously injured in construction accident

Falls are among the most common types of injury-causing incidents that happen on construction sites. This may not come as much surprise as these workers often have to work on ladders, scaffolding and unfinished floors of buildings that are several stories tall. Unfortunately, a construction accident that involves a fall can often lead to serious injuries for the individual or individuals involved.

It was recently reported that one North Carolina worker was injured in such an event. The individual had been in a building that was under construction when the person fell approximately eight feet. It was unclear what may have caused the fall. The report stated that the accident took place on the fifth floor, but it was unclear whether the worker may have fallen from another floor.

Machinery accidents can easily cause workplace injuries

Many jobs in North Carolina and elsewhere utilize certain equipment in order to complete the tasks associated with the work. In many cases, proper training and maintenance can make sure that the equipment and machinery remain functioning properly and reduce user error that could lead to accidents. Still, not every accident is avoidable, and individuals could suffer serious workplace injuries.

An on-the-job accident involving a crane recently took place in another state. According to reports, a 35-year-old worker was operating the crane and apparently moving a load of materials. During this task, the load shifted, and the crane turned over as a result. Additional information on the accident itself was not given in the report, but it noted that the event was still under investigation.

Tearing down wall leads to man suffering work-related injury

While at work, any area of the body could be injured in an accident. Falls could lead to head, back or limb trauma, and incidents involving machinery or materials could also cause serious harm to any part of the body. Unfortunately, accidents are not always avoidable, and suffering a work-related injury could easily cause a North Carolina worker or those elsewhere to face various challenges.

It was recently reported that a construction accident in another state led to the injury of one person. Reports indicated that the man was working to tear down a wall inside a tower building when he was injured. The wall was apparently made of sheetrock and plywood, but it was not clear what exactly happened to cause his injury. 

Workplace injuries can result when workers are hit by materials

When accidents take place, it may not be immediately clear what caused the incidents. Still, it is important to address any injuries that may have resulted, especially from an on-the-job accident. Workplace injuries, including those from construction accidents, can pose considerable threats to workers' well-beings, and immediately calling for help is always wise.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a construction accident that recently took place out of state. Details on the accident were few at the time of the report. It was mentioned that only one person was injured in the incident, but it was not clear what caused the accident or how it took place. A piece of metal material was involved in the event.

Not all work-related injuries are immediately obvious

It is easy to categorize workers' compensation coverage according to the belief that it only applies to people who suffer an injury during an accident. This isn't the case. It is possible to seek these benefits if you suffered a cumulative trauma injury or a work-related illness. Even though they aren't discussed often, these conditions can be just as ability-limiting as an injury caused by an accident.

Repetitive stress injuries are particularly complex because you can't pinpoint when they happened. Often, these injuries first present as minor aches that you might chalk up to normal wear and tear on your body. This isn't how these injuries work and, unfortunately, leaving them unchecked can lead to severe pain and irreparable damage.

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