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Sanitation worker injured on the job after helium tank explodes

It is not unusual for North Carolina residents and people elsewhere to not give much thought to what they put in their trash. Certainly, some people may be avid recyclers and give away items that could be reused, but often, when someone considers something trash, it goes in the trash. Unfortunately, if an item is placed in the trash when it should have been disposed of otherwise, a sanitation worker could wind up injured on the job.

This type of situation recently affected a sanitation worker in another state. The worker was presumably collecting trash and putting it into the compacting area of the garbage truck when the incident occurred. A helium tank used to inflate balloons had been placed in a plastic trash bag along with other discarded materials, which were all placed in the truck. When the garbage truck began to compress the trash, the helium tank exploded.

Man injured at work after arm gets caught in machine

Working around any type of machine has its risk. North Carolina residents who work in industrial settings and come in contact with various machines likely understand that they face a particular workplace hazard. Unfortunately, being injured at work due to a machine can lead to substantial hardships for the affected workers.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state was injured in an industrial accident. The man worked in a paper manufacturing facility, and while he was presumably carrying out work-related duties, his arm became stuck in a piece of machinery. It was not mentioned what type of machinery was involved, what it did or how the man's arm became stuck. It did not appear that anyone else was involved in the accident.

Flight attendants face a dangerous job for many reasons

Many young people think that becoming a pilot or flight attendant is something that will be fun and allow them to travel the world. They don't realize that working on an aircraft in this manner can lead to serious hazards.

Flight attendants are ranked number eight on a list of the top 47 jobs that have a negative impact on your health. With an unhealthiness score of 62.3 out of 100, where 100 is the most unhealthy, it is easy to understand why airlines need to ensure that proper safety protocol is in place for these workers.

2 North Carolina workers injured on the job in scaffolding fall

It is easy for people to not anticipate sudden events. When accidents happen so quickly that most people do not even have time to react, it is not uncommon for serious injuries to result. Unfortunately, a person's normal workday could easily take a turn for the worse when he or she is injured on the job due to an unexpected incident.

According to reports, two North Carolina workers were injured while working on a weatherproofing project at an office building. The individuals were working to caulk windows several floors up on the outside of the building and were utilizing scaffolding to reach the necessary areas. However, a chunk of concrete fell from the building where the scaffolding had been secured. The concrete then hit the scaffolding and caused it to fall multiple floors.

Worker trapped under rebar in construction accident

No North Carolina employee wants to be the injured victim in a work-related accident. Unfortunately, this is the outcome for many people in the construction industry when heavy materials or equipment are involved in a construction accident. Often, the resulting injuries can prove serious and leave workers with many questions about recovery and possible compensation.

One worker in another state undoubtedly has a lot on his mind after recently being injured in a work-related accident. According to reports, the man was working on a 10-story apartment building as part of a construction crew when a section of reinforcing iron collapsed onto several workers. Emergency crews were called and were first told that over 20 workers had been trapped in the collapse. Fortunately, the majority of the workers were able to free themselves before firefighters arrived at the scene.

Serious workplace injuries result from worker's fall

Being involved in a work-related accident is a scenario that most North Carolina workers want to avoid. Of course, some dangers are not always anticipated, and unexpected events can happen in seconds. In many cases, individuals are left with serious workplace injuries that can take a considerable amount of time to heal.

It was recently reported that one worker was injured after a fall in another state. Apparently, the individual was a construction worker and was carrying out duties at a subway station. Somehow, the worker fell onto the tracks from a scaffolding. The track was not in use at the time of the incident, presumably due to the construction. It was not clear what caused the worker to fall, but nonetheless, that person had to be rescued by emergency personnel.

Individual injured at work rescued by firefighters

When work-related accidents take place, it is commonly necessary for emergency crews to come to the scene. In some cases, they may need to rescue workers who have become trapped or are unable to move on their own. The individuals who have been injured at work may feel fearful during this time, but rescue workers can often help address the situation as needed.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a rescue that recently took place in a nearby state after a worker was injured. According to reports, the individual was working on a cell tower when he somehow became injured. He was apparently going up the tower when the injury occurred, and he was unable to get himself down. As a result, he was stuck approximately 100 feet up.

Worker injured on the job after person steals truck

Going to work is a task that many North Carolina residents may feel is a mundane part of their day. Of course, a typical, mundane day could quickly turn into one that is much more eventful, though not necessarily in a good way. Unfortunately, many people end up injured on the job due to unexpected events.

It was recently reported that one worker in another state suffered injuries after a situation that was likely not anticipated. The individual was reported as being a concrete worker and was performing work-related duties that involved the use of a saw. The saw was attached to a nearby truck by a hose, and while the individual was working, a person got into the truck and stole it. The saw twisted as the vehicle drove away, and the worker suffered a hand injury as a result.

Heat-related illnesses can kill workers who are outside

As the temperatures rise in Charlotte, workers who are outside might start to feel the effects of the heat. These workers should be provided with a safe work environment that includes ways to escape the heat.

Heat-related illnesses include some very serious ones that can lead to death if they aren't treated immediately. Some workers might attempt to continue working, so supervisors must be familiar with warning signs so they can take appropriate actions.

Hip injuries can derail a career

Workers who have to climb, lift or twist for work are at risk of suffering from hip injuries that can impact every facet of life. Minimizing the chance of this happening is the duty of the employer because the onus of providing a safe work environment falls on them. This doesn't mean that the workers can be careless as they execute their job duties. They do need to be careful and abide by the protocol set by the employer.

There are many things that can be done to diminish the chance of hip injuries. Harm reduction starts with understanding the common causes.

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