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Man nearly loses arm after being injured on the job

The types of injuries North Carolina workers suffer can significantly impact recovery. In some cases, injuries may only cause minor setbacks, and in others, wounds can cause permanent damage. When a person is injured on the job, he or she undoubtedly hopes for the best, but it can be difficult to know what challenges will result until later.

One worker in another state undoubtedly has concerns about his recovery after a recent work-related accident. Reports indicated that the man was operating a crane on a construction project and was working on some sort of cable lubrication task. While working, a cable somehow cut the man under his arm, resulting in a serious wound. The incident almost resulted in the arm being severed.

North Carolina worker suffers workplace injuries in stabbing

Essentially, every job comes with risks. Some people may face relatively minor risks, and others may face obvious hazards simply due to the nature of their employment positions. Still, individuals who suffer workplace injuries may find it useful to explore their workers' compensation options.

One worker in North Carolina may be focusing on recovery and on the potential to obtain workers' comp benefit after a recent injury-causing incident. According to reports, the person is a security guard at a department store, and while the worker was on duty, two women apparently attempted to steal items from the store. The security officer confronted one of the suspects, and an altercation ensued outside the store. One of the women apparently had a weapon, which she used during the struggle.

What you need to know before filing a workers' comp claim

Nobody heads into work expecting to be injured, but workplace injuries unfortunately happen every day here in North Carolina, as well as elsewhere around the United States.

While some on-the-job injuries are catastrophic, others are minimal enough that workers debate whether they should even notify their employers. While it may be unnecessary to report every bruise or paper cut, it is prudent to formally notify your supervisor of all but the most minor injuries.

Workplace injuries can cause financial concerns

Finances are often tricky for many North Carolina residents and those elsewhere. They may budget and save, but a sudden setback could throw their financial security out of order. One such event that may cause monetary concerns is suffering workplace injuries. However, workers' compensation can often help quell financial worries for qualifying individuals.

One person in another state may soon be exploring his workers' comp benefit options after recently being injured on the job. According to reports, the man was working as a subcontractor while construction was taking place at a wastewater treatment plant. He was using a ladder to go down into an open access area when, for unknown reasons, he fell from the ladder and landed eight to nine feet below on concrete.

Car wash worker injured on the job

Because accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, North Carolina workers could easily suffer workplace injuries. No matter a person's profession, the possibility exists of becoming ill or being injured on the job. When this happens, the injured person may feel at a loss, especially financially, but fortunately, workers' compensation can often help.

One woman in another state may soon be exploring her options for obtaining this financial help. According to reports, the woman was seriously injured at the car wash where she works after becoming pinned between two vehicles. The incident occurred when a vehicle leaving the wash bay collided with the rear of a parked vehicle. The worker was between the two cars when this event occurred. It was not mentioned what factors may have contributed to the incident.

Construction accident leads to fatal blunt force trauma

Workers' compensation can provide help in ways that many North Carolina residents may not realize. For instance, if a worker suffers fatal injuries in a construction accident, it is possible that the individual's family may qualify for workers' comp benefits. Survivor's benefits are useful to loved ones faced with this difficult ordeal.

One family in another state may be trying to determine whether they qualify for such help after a recent accident that proved fatal. Reports indicated that a man was working on a construction site when he suffered blunt force trauma after an object fell from a crane. The object apparently struck the man on the head, resulting in critical injuries. Though he was taken to an area hospital, he died a few days after the incident.

Fatal workplace injuries continue to occur due to falls

Many occupations in North Carolina require workers to perform duties at heights. This requirement is common in construction and other industries. Nevertheless, many workers still do not have the proper protective equipment or training to work safely off the ground. Unfortunately, many workplace injuries caused by falls prove fatal.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report at the end of 2018 stating that the overall number of fatal work injuries decreased slightly in 2017, to 5,147 -- as compared to 5,190 in 2016. However, fatal accidents caused by falls reached the highest level in 26 years at 887 deaths. Of those workers, 747 of the fatalities occurred in construction trades.

What to do after a spouse's workplace injury

Couples who experience the loss of one spouse's job often notice that their relationship deteriorates as a consequence. The lack of a steady income can be devastating, but so can the shift in the dynamics of the relationship.

Perhaps you were the one who stayed home to rear the kids and take care of the house. Now, your husband is laid up on the couch complaining about the dearth of good daytime TV programming and yelling at the kids. Is there anything you can do to help the situation?

Construction accident claims life, leaves others injured

After a serious accident takes place, it is common for people to want answers. Unfortunately, after events like a construction accident, answers to why and how an accident happened are often not readily available. Workers who were injured or families of workers who were killed may need more answers than most, especially when it comes to workers' compensation.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a work-related accident that recently occurred in another state. According to reports, three workers had been on the ground level of a building when debris from the third story fell and hit the workers. It was unclear what type of construction was taking place at the time or what the workers themselves were doing.

Proper lifting techniques can minimize back injury risks

People who work in shipping centers often have to lift heavy packages. While this is a part of the job, it can lead to back and other injuries if it isn't done properly. Unfortunately, many people who suffer this injury will end up missing work, which can lead to a loss of productivity. It can also mean costly medical bills for the injured worker. Fortunately, workers' compensation comes into the picture in these cases.

The onus is on the employer to ensure that their employees remain safe at work, but the workers can take steps to ensure that they aren't suffering injury. Proper lifting practices can help people to avoid cumulative trauma injuries and accident injuries.

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