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Airline flight crews face many hazards at work

Many people think that working on an airplane is a fun job. After all, you get to fly to different places for free. What many people don't realize is that members of the flight crew face some very real risks with every flight.

For these individuals, a love for the job and the desire to earn a check lead them to continue working. Still, it is imperative that all airlines provide a safe work environment for employees.

Construction accident proves fatal after heavy material falls

When large structures are under construction, it is common for large machinery and materials to be used. There may be many workers on site, and a number of hazards could be around every turn. Even when workers believe their tasks are going smoothly, it is possible that a sudden construction accident could take place.

North Carolina readers may be interested in such an incident that recently took place in another state. The incident occurred at approximately 7:15 a.m. when a large piece of metal building material fell from a crane. The materials were being used to construct a water tower, and at least four workers were inside the top of the tower when the metal fell. One worker was stuck underneath the material, and another man was injured when it fell.

Workplace injuries occur after worker falls through roof

Many North Carolina residents go to work and have to perform their functions on rooftops or other high places. Some people, especially those who work in construction, often do not think much about climbing ladders or utilizing other tools to reach the areas where they need to work. Of course, when working at height, serious workplace injuries could result if a worker falls.

It was recently reported that a worker in another state ended up in such a situation. Apparently, the man had been working on top of a roof when he fell through it. The report did not state what exact work the man was carrying out or if there were other individuals on the roof at the time of the incident. It was also unclear what may have contributed to his falling.

Families may receive workers' compensation after fatal accidents

Most jobs present some sort of hazards that could negatively affect North Carolina workers. While some of those risks may be considered mild, other individuals may work in conditions that could prove deadly in the event of a serious accident. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon for employees to suffer fatal injuries while on the job and for surviving family members to need workers' compensation benefits.

The family of one man in another state may soon be looking to determine whether they may qualify for such benefits. Reports indicated that the man worked at a sand supplying company, and his duties apparently involved working with and around railroad cars. The man had detached a car from the train, and the car then began to roll.

Workplace injuries involving the head have serious outcomes

Falling, or even just the belief that one is about to fall, can cause an immediate feeling of panic. In some cases, individuals are able to steady themselves and give a relieved chuckle that the situation did not prove worse. On the other hand, workers in North Carolina and across the country carrying out duties at height could easily suffer serious workplace injuries in the event that a fall occurs.

It was recently reported that such a terrifying event befell a worker in another state. It was unclear what the worker was exactly doing at the time of the incident, but reports stated that the person was working on the roof of a middle school. The worker fell approximately 25 feet, but it was unclear at the time of the report what may have caused him or her to fall. 

Work-related injury results from road construction accident

Most drivers have gone through areas on the road where some type of construction is taking place. Often, individuals grumble about how the work is adding time to their commutes or otherwise inhibiting their plans. What they may think less about, however, is the fact that the people working in construction zones are at risk of suffering a serious work-related injury in the event of an accident.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an injury-causing accident that took place in another state. Reports stated that a construction flagger was working to direct traffic while roadwork was being conducted. While the flagger had a motorcyclist stopped in the northbound lane, another vehicle collided with the motorcycle and then the flagger.

Fatal work accidents could mean benefits for surviving spouses

Sending your spouse out to work is part of most people's daily lives. The vast majority of working spouses return home again, to enjoy a meal and rest with family members before doing it all again. Sometimes, however, an accident happens at work that means your spouse won't be coming home again.

Losing a spouse in a sudden work accident or as the result of a work-acquired illness is tragic and difficult to process. Even if your spouse was ill for some time, it is hard to accept such an unnecessary loss. While grief is necessary and natural, don't let your sadness prevent you from seeking the compensation you deserve after this kind of loss.

Workplace injuries result from ceiling collapse

For most people, the benefits of their jobs outweigh the risks they may face. Of course, this mindset does not mean that they can always avoid hazards on the job. In particular, individuals in the construction industry could easily suffer workplace injuries after an accident.

North Carolina readers may be interested in an incident in another state that resulted in the injury of one worker. Reports stated that the man was working as part of a construction team at a building set for demolition. The injury-causing accident involved part of the ceiling falling and striking the man. At the time of the incident, the man was on the seventh floor of the building, and it was unclear whether any safety violations may have contributed to the incident.

A construction accident typically leaves workers needing info

In the event that a work-related accident takes place, there are many steps that need taking in order to ensure that the incident is handled properly. In particular, determining whether any injuries have occurred should be a top priority. A construction accident of any kind can easily cause injuries, and workers may find themselves in a difficult position.

Because many heavy materials and dangerous pieces of equipment are used during construction projects, it is not unusual for these items to be involved in injury-causing accidents. North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident that led to injuries in another state. Reports indicated that a crew of workers were trying to remove the ceiling of an awning when the awning collapsed.

Workers' comp could provide benefits after workplace injuries

When a person learns that he or she needs time away from work, it can cause some mixed emotions. If the time off is not voluntary, workers may begin to worry about how they will keep up with their bills and provide for their families. Unfortunately, when North Carolina workers suffer workplace injuries, it is not uncommon for those individuals to need time away from work in order to recover.

Though they may know that recovery is important, they may still have concerns over possible lost wages and medical bills, but fortunately, workers' compensation may be able to help. One out-of-state worker may be hoping to obtain such financial assistance after suffering injuries at work. It was unclear what type of injuries the man may have suffered, but reports stated that he was hit by a steel plate.

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