Bollinger Mediation

Bollinger Mediation

Bob has practiced Worker’s Compensation law since 1991, representing Plaintiffs, and he has mediated Worker’s Compensation cases since approximately 2008. He became a Certified Superior Court mediator in 2015.  Bob is also a Certified Specialist in Workers’ Compensation Law and has extensive litigation and appellate experience.

Bob is available to mediate Worker’s Compensation cases on short notice. Because he maintains a full-time active law practice, he does not schedule as many mediations as the full-time mediators.  As a result, Bob often has open mediation dates within the next 14 days, and has sometimes mediated on the same day called due to the sickness or sudden unavailability of the scheduled mediator.

Bob charges $300 for the administrative fee and $300 per hour for the mediation services, billed in quarter-hour segments. The parties will be billed after the mediation, and not before the mediation report is sent to the Commission.

If you schedule with Bob but need to cancel, don’t worry. Bob does not charge a cancellation fee! However, the Administrative Fee is deemed to be earned and due upon confirmation of the mediation, so that fee is not waived in the event of cancellation.

As of July 2020, Bob has mediated approximately 100 Worker’s Compensation cases during the last three years, most of which settled at mediation. Because of Bob’s years of experience litigating Worker’s Compensation cases, he is familiar with the proclivities of the Full Commission and the various Deputy Commissioners and can offer the insights of a neutral evaluator if required.  He is also acutely aware of the standard of review at the Court of Appeals, and of the difficulties of winning a case at that level.

To schedule a mediation with Bob, please review the calendar linked to this page. Bob’s preferred start times are 9:30 am and 2:00 pm, although other times can be arranged by contacting Bob directly. After selecting a date and time, you will receive a confirmation email in response. We try to keep this calendar as up-to-date as possible, but given that the mediation calendar must occasionally compete with the law practice calendar, occasionally a date you want may not turn out to be open.  So, please wait on the confirmation email from us!

Bob’s mediation practice is performed under the corporate entity “Bollinger Mediation, Inc.”  and checks should be made payable to that entity.  The taxpayer ID number for Bollinger Mediation, Inc. is 81-4525929.

Email: [email protected] 

Phone: 704-741-4470

The mailing address is:
Bollinger Mediation, Inc.
831 East Morehead Street, Suite 355
Charlotte, NC  28202

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