Injured in an Auto Accident in Charlotte that was NOT Your Fault? Take Advantage of our “72 Hour Demand Letter”

If you have been injured in an auto accident that was not your fault, we may be able to help you. And we have a new procedure in our office to get your accident case moving quickly. Once we get all the information we need from you, your doctor, and your employer, we will get the initial settlement demand letter out to the at-fault driver’s insurance company within 72 hours! One of the complaints people sometimes have with their lawyer is that the lawyer takes too long to get anything accomplished. We want to attack this issue head on with our “72 hour demand deadline” to make sure your case is moving along as quickly as possible.

Now, before we can create the settlement demand, we need quite a bit of information. From you, our client, we need a copy of the accident report that was created by the law enforcement officer who investigated the wreck. If the at-fault driver’s car insurance is not written on the report, then we also need the “insurance exchange slip” the officer would have obtained. We also need for you to finish your medical treatment and be “released” from treatment by all your doctors. After release, we will obtain all the medical notes and itemized medical billing statements showing all charges and all payments from all sources. And if you missed any work due to the wreck or your injuries, then we need a “wage loss verification” form filled out and signed by your boss at work. Once we have all this information, we can put together the demand letter or package and get it out the door. That will start the negotiation process with the at-fault insurance company. Once we get the ball rolling the insurance adjuster will respond with an initial offer and then we can negotiate as long as needed to get you the best possible deal.

The benefit to you is this–once the doctors are finished treating you, we can start the negotiation process and hopefully get your case settled quickly without you having to worry about it any longer than necessary.

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