Important Information Regarding Repetitive Stress Injuries

Important Information Regarding Repetitive Stress Injuries

North Carolina residents who experience frequent pain in certain areas of the body may suffer from repetitive stress injury. The condition is referred to by a number of different names including repetitive strain injury, occupational overuse syndrome and cumulative trauma disorder. Individuals who suffer from severe RSI injuries may qualify for workers’ compensation.

RSI injuries are painful or uncomfortable feelings in the muscles, tendons, nerves or other soft tissues. They normally occur due to repetitive use of specific areas of the body. Arms, elbows and wrists are very common areas for RSI injuries to develop.

RSI injuries come from both occupational and leisure activities. Jobs that involve repetitive use of body parts cause tension on muscles. RSI injuries are commonly seen in computer-related jobs that involve frequent typing on keyboards. Activities such as golf or tennis also contribute to RSI injuries.

Unlike normal injuries, RSI injuries do not improve over time. A person experiencing an RSI injury may initially feel discomfort or pain while engaging in a repetitive task. Once the task ends, the symptoms may disappear. If left untreated, the symptoms may eventually begin to occur all the time.

Signs and symptoms of RSI injuries include tenderness, pain or throbbing. If the hand is the affected area, loss of sensation or strength may also occur.

The cause of RSI injuries is still largely unknown. It is not clear why some people develop them while others who engage in similar tasks do not. Mental and social factors may contribute to levels of RSI injuries. Higher stress levels can also increase the severity of symptoms.

Unfortunately, there are no drugs or surgeries to prevent RSI injuries. The best treatment for those suffering from RSI injuries is to eliminate the activity causing the injury itself and to reduce sources of stress. Taking aspirin when necessary and applying cold or heat packs to the affected area also helps.

A person who suffers from repetitive stress injury may qualify for workers’ compensation benefits for medical treatment and lost wages. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can provide necessary guidance and assist with obtaining any available compensation.

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