What We Do For Clients

What We Do For Clients

You’ve gotten hurt at work and now you’re having trouble getting your bills paid on time and feeding your kids. That’s because the insurance company has not provided you with the wage replacement benefits that you should be getting after your injury. If some people are standing in the way of you paying your mortgage and feeding your kids, then they are clearly your enemy!

We Help You Deal With The Enemy

Yes, the insurance company is your enemy. In nice legal terms, we call the insurance company your “adversary” and your adversary they certainly are. But let’s be realistic – the truth is that insurance company really is your enemy. The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, in Charlotte, North Carolina, is here to help you deal with that enemy or adversary. Our lawyers have spent our professional careers fighting with these insurance companies to get our clients the benefits that they deserve, that they need, and that they are entitled to get in a workers’ compensation case.

If you let the insurance company have its way, you’ll never get anything. You see, you as the “claimant” are their enemy. You are the enemy of their greed and avarice. Their business model is to collect money in premiums from businesses like your employer, invest that money, and then do everything they can to not ever have to pay out that money in claims to people like you.

Why Don’t Insurance Companies Want To Pay Out?

By making a claim, you’re cutting into their profits, and they care about money a whole lot more than they care about you or your family. You are their enemy, attacking their profits, and they have no reason to help you. The only way that you can get what you need and deserve from them is if you know how to make the workers’ compensation legal system work for you.

Now, you certainly know to do your own job, but you don’t necessarily know how to operate the workers’ compensation system, so you are at a very big disadvantage in dealing with that insurance company. But that is where we come in. Let us help you!

Let’s Get The Ball Rolling

Our attorneys know what to do to help you fight that legal adversary, that enemy that does not care whether your kids eat tonight or not. Call us now at 704-377-7677 or 866-326-3090, or email us to request your free strategy session. There are no up-front fees or costs. Let’s get the ball rolling, together, and take care of you and your family! That is what we do for our clients!

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