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I Got Hurt On The Job

I Got Hurt On The Job

How To Deal With Your Employer After A Work Injury

When a client tells us, “I got hurt on the job,” our lawyers are ready to offer valuable counsel and assistance. To begin with, we advise injured workers that the law requires you to report your accident or occupational disease in writing to your employer, within 30 days of the accident or the first manifestation of an ongoing condition, such as a repetitive stress injury. However, if you fail to do that, we may still be able to get your claim covered. We also explain how our advocacy is important for injured employees who qualify for workers’ compensation. Even if you have an accepted case, that is not a guarantee that the insurance adjuster is providing you all the benefits to which you are entitled.

For a free strategy session, contact Bob Bollinger at the law offices of The Bollinger Law Firm after an accidental injury in North Carolina. You need to know your rights and obligations!

Is Your HR Department A Reliable Source Of Information After An On-The-Job Injury?

In a word, No! While HR (human resources) departments may come to mind as the first place to go for help, remember what their goals are. HR departments often have strong incentives to save companies money and prevent payout of workplace injury claims.

While an individual HR representative may demonstrate natural human sympathy, HR as a whole is, in fact, in an inherently adversarial position when it comes to employees’ well-being after an accidental injury. Their job is to save the company money, resulting in a conflict of interests when they advise employees on steps to take after an injury at the office, factory, repair shop or health care facility.

As President Regan once said, “Trust but verify.” When HR tells you something, call us to make sure you are not being misled by someone who is more interested in helping the company than you.

Our Lawyers Work To Protect The Rights Of Injured Workers

When our lawyers at The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, represent injured employees, our job is to ensure that they receive all their lawfully due compensation to cover medical care and lost wage replacement. For a clear understanding of injured workers’ rights and responsibilities after an on-the-job accident in North Carolina, employees who have been hurt are encouraged to contact our workers’ compensation attorneys. Discuss with us how to handle ignored or denied workers’ comp claims. Again, we know how to get the ball rolling for you.

Let Us Protect Your Family

Understand your workers’ compensation rights according to North Carolina laws. Talk to a knowledgeable attorney at The Bollinger Law Firm and get the process underway with the ultimate goal of being able to put the financial consequences of your workplace injury behind you. Call 704-377-7677 or toll free at 866-326-3090 to schedule a free, no-obligation strategy session with certified specialist Bob Bollinger.

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