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2 North Carolina workers injured on the job in scaffolding fall

It is easy for people to not anticipate sudden events. When accidents happen so quickly that most people do not even have time to react, it is not uncommon for serious injuries to result. Unfortunately, a person's normal workday could easily take a turn for the worse when he or she is injured on the job due to an unexpected incident.

HAVS is one of the lesser-known repetitive motion injuries

Workers in North Carolina who use vibrating tools are at significant risk of developing Raynaud's phenomenon, or HAVS. Hand-arm vibration syndrome is one of several repetitive motion injuries that develop progressively, and this one is only reversible if it is diagnosed in the early stages. The disorder can develop over several months, or it can take a few years before it becomes evident.

North Carolina worker suffers workplace injuries in stabbing

Essentially, every job comes with risks. Some people may face relatively minor risks, and others may face obvious hazards simply due to the nature of their employment positions. Still, individuals who suffer workplace injuries may find it useful to explore their workers' compensation options.

Car wash worker injured on the job

Because accidents can happen anywhere and at any time, North Carolina workers could easily suffer workplace injuries. No matter a person's profession, the possibility exists of becoming ill or being injured on the job. When this happens, the injured person may feel at a loss, especially financially, but fortunately, workers' compensation can often help.

Man suffers work-related injury while in a 40-foot shaft

Many people may not enjoy working in confined spaces because they feel uncomfortable and want more space to maneuver. What some individuals may not know is that working in confined spaces can also be dangerous. A sudden accident could lead to a serious work-related injury, and in some cases, a worker may also need to be rescued from a small space.

Several suffer workplace injuries after explosion

Numerous people are employed, and as a result, numerous people are also at risk of suffering illness or injury because of their jobs. It is not always a guarantee that someone will make it home safely, and some jobs, like those in industrial plants or on construction sites, can pose more risks than other positions. In any case, if a person suffers workplace injuries, they may need financial help on top of medical assistance.

Repetitive injury: What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

All workers in North Carolina are exposed to workplace hazards, regardless of the jobs they do. However, it is easier to get workers' compensation benefits for injuries that are obvious, such as fractured bones or lacerations than for injuries that involve musculoskeletal disorders and those resulting from occupational overuse. Carpal tunnel syndrome is a common repetitive injury that causes chronic pain for workers who use their hands to repeat similar motions for hours without adequate breaks.

Tearing down wall leads to man suffering work-related injury

While at work, any area of the body could be injured in an accident. Falls could lead to head, back or limb trauma, and incidents involving machinery or materials could also cause serious harm to any part of the body. Unfortunately, accidents are not always avoidable, and suffering a work-related injury could easily cause a North Carolina worker or those elsewhere to face various challenges.

Workplace injuries prove fatal for trash collection worker

When North Carolina families send their loved ones off to work in the morning, they typically intend to see them later in the day. Unfortunately, some workers may not make it home if they suffer workplace injuries that prove fatal. This type of situation can be devastating and difficult on a variety of levels for the surviving family.

Person injured at work by falling sheet of glass

Building materials can often present a number of dangers. Some objects may be sharp or heavy, and others may have a risk of breaking and becoming more dangerous. Unfortunately, materials are often involved in accidents that lead individuals to be injured at work.

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