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Construction accident: Falls pose threat in North Carolina

Falls make up a considerable number of injury-causing incidents that take place in the construction industry. Unfortunately, the individuals involved in such an event often suffer serious injuries that can have lasting impacts. After experiencing such harm in a construction accident, many injured parties may have questions regarding their ability to obtain workers' compensation.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one out-of-state man who was recently injured in such an event. Reports stated that the man was working on a landmarked house as part of a construction team when he fell off the roof of the building. It was noted that the house was two-stories and 184 years old. Another construction worker stated that the incident was an accident and took place in a second.

Flight attendants face serious risks while working

Many people think that flight attendants live a glamorous life. Even though these men and woman do have the opportunity to travel, the job duties can often be grueling. These workers are at risk of suffering injuries while they are working.

There are some factors and injuries that are more common than others. It is imperative that airlines provide flight attendants with the tools and training necessary to keep injuries to a minimum. Here are some points to consider.

Family may seek benefits after fatal construction accident

Understandably, any incident that results in a person suffering fatal injuries is devastating. When the injuries occur due to a construction accident, the event can leave employers, other workers and family members considerably shaken. Unfortunately, these types of accidents take place on a fairly common basis, and many individuals do suffer substantially negative impacts.

North Carolina readers may be interested in a recent accident that took place out of state. Reports indicated that one person was injured and another was killed when a dirt and concrete wall collapsed at a construction site. It was unclear what may have caused the wall to collapse, but the incident caused one worker to be knocked to the ground while the other became trapped underneath the wall. 

Workplace injuries not uncommon after unexpected accidents

Many workers are aware of the risks they face when carrying out necessary duties. However, not all situations are expected, and many individuals could suffer injuries due to sudden events while on the job. When workplace injuries do occur, workers may find themselves in need of medical treatment and time away from work in order to fully recover.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a work-related accident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the incident involved contractors who were working in a manhole. Two men were in the hole when a sudden explosion occurred. One woman working nearby stated that she heard a loud noise and that lights inside her store began to flicker. She also watched as other workers attempted to free the men from the hole.

Workplace injuries could leave workers out of a job for months

Work accidents are almost always frightening events. Even when workers escape such a situation unscathed, it could still leave many individuals feeling shaken. Unfortunately, many people do suffer workplace injuries due to accidents, and they can suffer numerous negative effects for an extended period of time. Determining the best way to handle the resulting issues can often prove difficult.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one man who suffered work-related injuries in another area. Reports stated that the man had been working in a construction zone on a roadway when he was run over by a dump truck. Apparently, another worker was backing up when the tailgate of the truck struck the man on the shoulder, causing him to fall. The truck then ran over him.

Industrial accidents may lead to need for survivors' benefits

While death is a part of life, most North Carolina residents likely hope that their time will come once they have lived long and happy lives. Unfortunately, fatalities occur due to accidents on a daily basis, and lives can be lost all too soon. Industrial accidents can easily lead to injuries that result in workers' deaths, and family members may be left reeling by the news.

One family in another state may be facing such a predicament after a recent incident. Reports stated that a 47-year-old man was killed while on the job, and the accident involved a lift. It was unclear what the lift was being used for at the time, but the man somehow became crushed underneath it.

Watch out for knee and hip injuries at work

People who do physical labor and those who have to sit still for prolonged periods of time can suffer from injuries to their hips and knees. These injuries are sometimes nothing more than a nuisance, but over time, they can become so serious that they impact every aspect of your life.

When your knee or hip injury is severe, there is a chance that you will need surgery or other medical interventions to correct the situation. Even once you do get medical care, things might not return to where they were prior to the injury.

Injured at work due to an explosion? Workers' comp info may help

The severity of injuries suffered in a work-related accident can depend on the type of work being done and various other circumstances related to the incident. Some North Carolina residents may work in particularly dangerous occupations or with potentially hazardous materials that could put them at risk of being injured at work. When a sudden event occurs, any injured parties may feel overwhelmed by the situation.

One woman in another state may be working to determine how to handle her situation after recently being involved in a workplace accident. Reports stated that the woman works for a fireworks company and was putting together an electronic match. While attempting to carry out her duties, the device exploded, which resulted in a small fire that was extinguished.

Freak accidents, serious injuries may mean workers' compensation

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that left one individual seriously injured. The incident occurred in another state and involved a man who was working on an elevator. Due to the incident, the man may soon be looking into information regarding workers' compensation if he hopes to obtain financial assistance.

According to reports, the man was carrying out repair duties that were described as routine at the time of the accident. While working in the elevator shaft, the elevator car fell and landed on top of him. He was crushed beneath it, and emergency crews were called to the scene in order to rescue the man. One worker described the incident as a freak accident.

North Carolina road workers at risk of being injured on the job

Being near roadways always poses hazards as passing vehicles and distracted drivers could cause serious issues. When individuals' job duties put them on or near roads, their jobs could become considerably more dangerous, and they face considerable risks of being struck and seriously injured on the job. Unfortunately, this type of incident is not altogether uncommon, and workers are often left needing assistance.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that a highway worker was putting a sign on the road to indicate that drivers were entering a work zone. However, while the woman was attempting to put out the sign, she was struck by a vehicle. The driver of the vehicle did not remain on the scene of the incident.

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