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Industrial accidents may lead to injured North Carolina workers

Information on what steps to take after a serious work-related accident may prove immensely useful to individuals who have been affected. By understanding how to move forward toward potentially obtaining workers' compensation after industrial accidents, injured North Carolina workers or family of deceased victims may be able to move in the right direction more quickly. Luckily, there are legal professionals available to help in such endeavors. 

One injured worker and the family of a deceased worker may be looking for assistance after a recent accident in another state. Reports indicated that the individuals were contractors and were working in a building as demolition was taking place. During the activities, a wall collapsed. It was unclear whether the wall fell on the workers or if other actions resulted in their being affected.

Injured at work? Workers' comp may help North Carolina victims

Needing financial assistance can strike individuals at any time. In many cases, the need may arise from a workplace accident that leaves an individual sick or injured. After being injured at work, needing time to recover is not unusual and, unfortunately, neither is facing financial hardships. Luckily, workers' compensation is designed to assist qualifying individuals with such hardships. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent incident that occurred in another state that may have left one worker needing such compensation. Reports stated that the individual was working at a hotel construction site when there was an explosion. The incident stemmed from gas being ignited as the construction crew were working to install a natural gas furnace. The report indicated that the explosion was considered moderate, though the extent of the damage was unknown at the time.

Workers' compensation claim denial may not be end of the road

For many workers, especially those with physically demanding jobs, having a workers' compensation claim denied can feel like game over. While it is never good news to have one's claim denied, there may still be options.

BUT you must act quickly!

Work-related injury may lead to workers' comp qualification

Learning that a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in an accident can be a devastating experience for anyone. When the incident is one that took place while the victim was on the job, it may come as even more of a shock. A work-related injury could easily leave individuals suffering considerable setbacks or, in some cases, even lead to a fatality. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work accident that took place in another area. Reports indicated that two men were working on utility lines and pulling fiber-optic cables for a telecommunications company. While performing their tasks, the bucket on the truck in which they were working came in contact with the power lines. The incident caused one of the workers to be electrocuted. 

This common scenario could ruin your workplace injury claim

Unfortunately, it is all too common: A construction worker reports to the job on time, just like any other day, and gets seriously injured. While operating a saw, the worker's arm gets tangled in the machine and he suffers catastrophic injuries requiring amputation.

The worker, who is rushed to the hospital, does not fill out the necessary paperwork to report his work-related injury, but as soon as he gets a chance, he completes his claim for benefits all on his own--without the assistance of a lawyer. Soon, he gets a call from the workers' compensation insurance company that handles his employer's claims.

Workplace injuries may lead to workers' comp in North Carolina

Whether a workplace accident is relatively minor or serious, there is a chance that injuries could result. In many cases, workplace injuries can lead individuals to needing time away from their jobs or could even result in deaths. In these instances, financial hardships could negatively impact surviving workers or the families of deceased workers. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident in another state that recently affected several workers. Reports stated that a gas pipeline exploded while workers were digging around the pipe. A track hoe hit the pipeline causing it to burst and leak gas. The gas then caught fire, which resulted in the explosion. That same pipeline had previously burst in another spot and leaked thousands of gallons of gasoline.

North Carolina families may want workers' compensation info

Dealing with the loss of a loved one after an on-the-job injury proves fatal can be a significantly difficult predicament. Many individuals who have been in such a situation may attest to facing financial hardships in addition to emotional struggles. However, workplace accidents may qualify the surviving family for workers' compensation on behalf of the deceased worker.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent out-of-state work accident that resulted in fatal injuries. Reports stated that a 53-year-old town employee was working on a project with the highway department when the injuries occurred. It was unclear exactly where the man was standing at the time, but he fell beneath the wheels of a work truck. As a result, he was run over by the truck.

North Carolina residents injured at work may seek assistance

Workers' compensation can offer valuable benefits to employees who have been hurt while on the job. However, obtaining those benefits may seem difficult for individuals who are uncertain about the process and whose employers may not be entirely forthcoming with assistance. In such cases, individuals who have been injured at work may wish to consult with legal professionals.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident in another state that left two workers injured. Reports indicated that the individuals were working construction on a bridge when an accident involving a car occurred. The workers were carrying a wooden beam and the car struck the beam, which caused the workers to fall 15 feet from a higher level of the bridge. They landed on the roof of the lower level and did not hit the roadway below. 

What dangers do loading dock workers face?

A loading dock is a busy, and often dangerous place to work. Because semi-trucks come in and out with heavy equipment and products moving across the floor, it poses tripping and falling hazards. But the most dangerous injuries and fatalities can occur when communication between the semi-truck driver and the loading dock worker is not in sync. Truck drivers can mistakenly leave the dock too early, while a loading dock worker is still operating a lift-truck inside the trailer, or is entering or leaving the trailer.

Setbacks may affect North Carolina workers injured on the job

Dealing with the aftermaths of accidents and injuries can be an uncomfortable experience for anyone. If a person was injured on the job, there may be other issues with which to contend on top of simply working to recover from the injuries suffered. Many individuals may need assistance with understanding workers' compensation and how to go about pursuing such benefits. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in an individual who was recently injured while working in another state. Details on the accident were few, but it was reported that the man fell from a catwalk while working on building renovations. He apparently landed 30 feet below. The incident took place around 8:30 a.m., and the man was transported from the scene to an area hospital due to his injuries. 

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