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Fatal work-related injury may cause hardships in North Carolina

The struggles a family faces after the death of a loved one can severely impact their lives for a considerable amount of time. In some cases, if the deceased loved one provided income for the family, the loss of that income can cause the surviving family to contend with serious financial hardships. A fatal work-related injury typically allows the victim's surviving family to qualify for workers' compensation death benefits.

A recent work accident in another state may interest North Carolina residents. Reports stated that a city worker who was helping with a sewer-replacement project was in a trench attending to his work duties. While he was working, the trench collapsed, which resulted in his being seriously injured. It was not noted whether there were any other workers in the trench at the time of the collapse. 

Surviving family may qualify for workers' comp benefits

In the event that an individual is killed on the job, there may be much information that the surviving family members need to obtain. Details regarding the fatal event, actions taken to attend to the worker and information regarding workers' compensation may all prove useful to the family. Workers' comp benefits may allow them to attend to difficult financial situations presented in the wake of their loss. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in one fatal construction accident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the man was working with another individual in a tower installing a sign. The tower was in the parking lot of an open-air mall. The installation apparently involved a crane, and somehow, the man became trapped between the crane and the tower. 

5 things truckers should know about injuries

Semitruck drivers face some very specific injury risks. The nature of the work puts you in danger on each shift if you drive these large trucks. Repetitive motion, falls and crashes are all possible sources of injuries. You might opt to file for workers' compensation benefits if you suffer an injury while you are working. These are some points to consider if you are facing this situation.

Serious workplace injuries may have financial repercussions

The effects of injuries can be far reaching and long lasting. Workplace injuries can be especially difficult to deal with as many individuals work in environments that have numerous hazards that could cause severe injuries. If an accident takes place and leads to such injuries, the injured parties may find themselves in need of financial assistance. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in an accident that took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that the incident occurred at a recycling plant when a bale of material fell on a worker. It was unclear of what type of material the bale consisted, but it was noted that the bale may have weighed up to 1,000 lbs. Emergency crews were called to the scene just before 11:30 a.m. 

After being injured at work, employees may need financial help

At some point in their lives, many workers find themselves in need of financial assistance. In numerous cases, this need arises after being injured at work due to an accident. Luckily, when injuries occur due to such an event, individuals may be able to gain financial help through workers' compensation benefits. 

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that took place in another state. Reports indicated that multiple individuals were injured after an explosion occurred at a plant. The plant produces refuse trucks and cement trucks, and the incident occurred in the paint shop of the plant. It was unclear what may have caused the explosion, but the incident was still under investigation at the time of the report. 

Loading dock injuries can end truckers' careers

Some of the most devastating injuries commercial truck drivers can suffer don't occur as they're rumbling down the interstate at 70 mph. They happen when the truck is at a standstill at the warehouse or loading dock.

Roughly a quarter of all injuries at warehouses involve the loading and unloading of cargo from commercial trucks. Being aware of this can alert truckers and warehouse workers to unsafe practices.

Injured on the job? Acting quickly may help with workers' comp

On-the-job accidents can happen unexpectedly, and, in many cases, individuals may not have time to react in order to protect themselves from injuries. Being injured on the job can not only be frightening, but it can also lead to lasting effects that may have negative impacts on various areas of the injured party's life. Most commonly, financial burdens result.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related accident that may leave one out-of-state man with such burdens. Reports stated that the man was a metro worker, and he was working in a maintenance shaft at the time of the incident. While the man was attempting to clear leaves and other obstructions from the shaft, he fell 35 feet to the bottom. 

Workers' comp may help with construction accident repercussions

The injuries that result from a workplace accident can be different for each individual involved. The conditions of a construction accident could play a significant role in whether a worker suffers a minor abrasion or a serious injury. When working at considerable heights, the risk for severe injuries may increase, and a worker could be negatively affected if a fall occurs.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent injury-causing accident that took place out of state. Reports indicated that a 34-year-old man was doing framework on a warehouse space when some of the trusses collapsed. The man was standing on the trusses at the time of the collapse, and as a result, he fell approximately 20 feet before landing on the ground.

Injured truck drivers often deserve workers' compensation

Commercial trucking can be a dangerous job. There's the risk of theft or hijacking, depending on the content of your truck, as well as ongoing risk of injury due to an accident. Every year, nearly half a million commercial trucks are involved in crashes, causing over 5,000 deaths and 142,000 injuries annually. While those operating or riding in smaller vehicles involved in commercial truck collisions sustain many of those deaths and injuries, many commercial truck drivers are injured on the job every year. If you have been injured while driving a commercial truck, an attorney may be able to help.

Construction accident leaves North Carolina man seriously injured

Taking proper safety measures could considerably reduce the risk of workers suffering injuries while on the job. Unfortunately, there is no certain guarantee that a construction accident will not take place, even when workers are careful. In many cases, a sudden event will occur, and a worker or multiple workers end up suffering serious injuries.

It was recently reported that a North Carolina construction worker was injured while on a work site. The man had reportedly been helping to clear the site of trees when the incident occurred. Details on what exactly happened were not available at the time of the report, but it was mentioned that a tree fell on the man. It was unclear what kind of machinery may have been used to clear the site.

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