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Fatal workplace injuries may impact North Carolina families

Families who lose loved ones in accidents can face a multitude of financial troubles in the aftermath of such incidents. Workplace accidents are, unfortunately, a common occurrence, and the workplace injuries suffered could potentially prove fatal. As a result, a family could be left without a much needed income, and they may wish to find out whether they could qualify for workers' compensation.

North Carolina residents may be interested in such an accident that claimed the life of a worker in another state. Reports indicated that the man worked for the state's Department of Transportation and was operating a riding mower when the accident occurred. While on the mower, the man was wearing a seat belt but the protective roll bar was put down. As a result, the man became trapped under the mower when it overturned.

Truck drivers face great risk of injury

Trucking is tough and truck drivers face a number of occupational hazards. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), nearly half a million large truck accidents occur each year, and many of these crashes result in fatalities on the road. Though non-truck vehicle occupants constitute the majority of fatalities, about a quarter of those killed in large truck crashes are truckers themselves.

Crash-Linked Injuries

In some instances, truckers who survive crashes may get lucky and remain free from major injuries; however, this is often not the case. Common crash-related injuries include the following:

Insurance adjusters can wait. Get the legal counsel you need.

If you are injured on the job you need to notify your employer, who will, in turn, notify it's insurance company. When your employer's insurance company contacts you for a statement, your first instinct will be to cooperate and answer all of the claims adjuster's questions. This response is natural enough: insurance is there to make up for damages a worker has suffered, right?

Well, not exactly. Unfortunately for workers, insurance adjusters often make it difficult for injured employees to get the workers' compensation they need and deserve following an accident. An on-the-job injury can dramatically alter your personal and working life, and cause serious physical and emotional suffering, both short- and long-term. While talking with an insurance adjuster might seem like a strong first step, unfortunately this is not the case.

Fatal construction accident takes place in North Carolina

When working on construction sites, it is up to employers to ensure that appropriate safety measures are in place. If there is a lapse in standards, workers could be at risk of falling, being injured by machinery or suffering numerous other potentially injury-causing scenarios. If an individual is injured or killed in a construction accident, taking the proper steps in efforts to gain workers' compensation may be in their and/or their families' best interests. 

The family of a North Carolina worker may be hoping to gain more information on workers' comp benefits after a recent accident. Reports stated that a 49-year-old man was working as part of a construction crew at a residence when the man fell from the roof. It was unclear what may have caused the incident, but at the time of the report, authorities believed it to be an accident.

Injured in a construction accident? Workers' comp may help

Being involved in an injury-causing accident can be a frightening experience. If a worker is injured in a construction accident, he or she may face considerable difficulties pertaining to both the physical and financial aspects of the aftermath. Luckily, workers' compensation may be awarded in many cases, and if a North Carolina worker is injured on the job, these benefits may help.

One individual in another state may be hoping to gain such compensation after recently being the victim of an on-the-job accident. Reports stated that the 22-year-old man was part of a construction crew working on an apartment complex when he fell into a cement mixer. At the time of the report, it was unclear how the incident may have occurred.

Construction accident leads to North Carolina worker's death

Many individuals work in the construction industry. Having these types of jobs can allow many parties to earn a living and support themselves and their families. Because this support is often important to their well-being, what happens when an individual suffers serious or fatal injuries on the job? If an individual is injured or killed in a construction accident, information on workers' compensation may be useful. 

The family of one North Carolina man may be hoping to obtain information on such benefits after a recent incident. Reports stated that a 36-year-old man was working in a trench in order to install a pipe. However, while he was in the trench, one of the walls collapsed. The collapse caused the man to become trapped in the 6-foot-deep trench. 

North Carolina man seriously injured on the job

When a serious workplace accident takes place, details pertaining to the incident may not be immediately available. However, investigations are often opened in order to determine exact causes of serious incidents, and companies could face fines and other penalties if safety violations are discovered. Nonetheless, if a worker is seriously injured on the job, that individual may hope that workers' compensation can help with resulting financial issues.

One individual in North Carolina may be holding such hope after recently being injured at work. It was unclear what exactly took place during the accident, but it was reported that the individual was working on a piece of equipment when he was injured. Other workers called emergency services and performed CPR in hopes of keeping the man alive. Emergency workers also performed CPR and were able to resuscitate the worker.

4 common causes of back pain while at work

Ouch! Is your back acting up again? Well you are not alone.

According to the American Chiropractic Association (ACA), about 31 million Americans suffer from lower back pain. In fact, experts estimate that 80 percent of the population will experience some sort of back-related issue during their lifetime. This statistic is disheartening if you consider how much you need your back muscles for everyday activity, especially at work.

In fact, many people injure their backs while at work. Here are four common work-related causes of back injuries.

Poor Posture

Remember when your parents told you not to slouch? Now you know why. Poor posture is probably the number one way that most people develop back problems. Whether walking lurched over or sitting at your desk with your shoulders hunched, poor posture puts undue stress on your back (especially lower back).

Explosion leads to workplace injuries in North Carolina

A serious workplace incident in North Carolina recently led to multiple employees being injured. Reports stated that there was an explosion and fire that took place at a trucking company loading dock at approximately 6 a.m. One witness described the scene as something from a movie as the explosion occurred and people began running. Emergency crews were called to the scene, and workplace injuries were reported.

Due to the severity of the incident, it took approximately 90 firefighters about two hours to get the flames under control. At the time of the report, it was unclear what may have caused the explosion. Workers stated that there was a variety of materials inside the warehouse that could have contributed to the explosion and fire, including hazardous chemicals, fireworks and propane tanks.

North Carolina car wash employee suffers work-related injury

Many individuals may have heard of workers' compensation, but they may not fully understand what it means. If an individual suffers a work-related injury, benefits could be awarded in order to provide financial compensation for lost wages and medical expenses should the qualifications be met. If a worker finds him or herself in a situation where a workplace injury has occurred, he or she may wish to find out more about workers' compensation.

One worker in North Carolina may be taking such a step after a recent incident. Reports stated that the individual works at a car wash, and the accelerator became stuck on one of the vehicles as it was leaving the car wash. The worker attempted to drive the vehicle around the building in hopes of avoiding other vehicles and going out onto the roadway. 

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