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Being injured on the job could cause fatalities in North Carolina

There is no limit on the number of work-related accidents that can take place at any given time. As a result, many individuals are injured on the job every day, and construction accidents are a leading cause of such injuries. Though this type of incident is common, each event is unique, and the outcomes can affect each worker in a different way.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a construction accident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that a 56-year-old man working on the construction site was using a lift to carry out duties outside where a church and school building connect. While working, he somehow became trapped between the lift and the building.

Work-related back injury may cause difficulties in North Carolina

Many individuals know that any type of serious injury could have lasting impacts. North Carolina residents who suffer a back injury while on the job may face substantial difficulties, and this type of injury can often limit mobility and potentially have permanent affects. If the injury does prove permanent, individuals may need workers' compensation to bridge financial gaps.

One worker in another state may need such assistance after an on-the-job accident that recently occurred. It was unclear on what type of job the man was working, but the work site had a trench that was 8 feet deep and 50 feet long. Somehow, the man fell into the trench and was apparently unable to get out. Information on how exactly the man fell was not available. 

Highway employees face considerable work-related injury risk

Any occupation that results in individuals being on or near roadways causes workers to face substantial risks. Because the actions of drivers cannot always be accounted for, there is a considerable possibility that an individual could suffer a work-related injury if he or she is struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, this type of accident is not altogether uncommon.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent accident that took place out of state. Reports indicated that a highway maintenance employee was working to clear up debris and related materials from an accident that had taken place earlier involving two tractor-trailer trucks. While carrying out his duties, the worker was struck by a vehicle traveling the wrong direction on the roadway. 

5 things to know about workers' compensation in North Carolina

Workers' compensation is a program meant to help injured workers to get the medical care and financial help they need if they are harmed at work. Employers in North Carolina are required to have this coverage for their employees. If they don't they can face legal troubles.

For workers who have to file for for compensation, there are several things to remember.

Injured at work? Accidents can lead to workers' comp need

Though individuals may believe they are having a typical day on the job, a sudden turn of events could cause their day to become life changing. A work accident could easily result in individuals being injured at work, and those injuries could have substantial life impacts. In most cases, parties are often left needing workers' compensation.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a serious work accident that recently took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that a man was carrying out duties at an aqua treat plant when he suffered serious injuries. The worker was welding on top of a holding tank when an explosion occurred. The incident caused the man to land 50 feet from the tank. 

Work-related injury may mean time off from work in North Carolina

Injuries suffered on the job are rarely easy to immediately bounce back from. As a result, North Carolina residents who suffer a work-related injury often need time away from work in order to attend to their injuries. When such time is taken, workers may lose income as a result and must contend with financial difficulties that could stem from such an event. 

At least one worker in a nearby state may be facing such a situation due to a recent work-related accident. Reports stated that two workers were injured while they were carrying out demolition duties. They were cutting parts of an old coal plant when the structure collapsed. As a result, both workers fell to the ground along with the debris from the collapse. 

Getting the most out of your workers' comp claim

Each workers' compensation claim varies based on many factors. The amount paid out may be significantly different in each case. How can you get the most out of your claim, and how do you know a settlement offer is fair? Here are a few things to keep in mind.

Construction accident proves fatal in North Carolina

Unfortunately, construction sites are often the scenes for serious work-related accidents. Falls, equipment malfunctions, safety violations and a variety of other factors can all contribute to injury-causing incidents. It is also not unusual for a construction accident to have fatal outcomes, and in such cases, surviving family may need financial assistance in order to handle the repercussions. 

It was recently reported that a fatal construction accident took place in North Carolina. Apparently, a man was working on bridge construction on U.S. Highway 64. He was taking apart a screed -- a leveled layer of cement -- when part of the screed fell off the railing. This incident apparently also caused the worker to fall. It was unclear how far the man fell. 

Construction accident falls may fuel need for benefits

Injuries suffered at work often range in severity. Depending on the circumstances of the injury-causing accident, a North Carolina worker could find him or herself brushing off a minor scratch or feeling lucky to have survived the incident. It is not uncommon for the outcomes of a construction accident to lead to serious injuries, and in many cases, workers may need time away from work. 

One worker in another state may soon be taking some time off after recently being involved in an injury-causing incident. Reports stated that the man was working on a university campus, carrying out construction duties. The man was on a scaffolding when he fell 15 feet. It was unclear what may have caused the man to fall.

Suffering a work-related injury may come as sudden shock

It is likely common for many North Carolina construction workers to worry about suffering injuries on the job. A work\-related injury could occur at any time, and such an outcome could leave workers feeling uncertain about their futures in the construction industry. Because some injuries could be severe, individuals likely face considerable troubles in the aftermath of an accident.

It was recently reported that a construction worker in another state suffered injuries after an incident involving a sea wall. Apparently, the man was working with other individuals carrying out duties involving the sea wall when the wall slipped from a chain that was apparently holding it. The 1-ton panel fell on top of the man and other workers and trapped them in a hole. 

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