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Rebar tower collapses lead to workplace injuries

Being injured on the job can happen to anyone, and many people are often left with job-related injuries. The type of workplace injuries may depend on the exact kind of accident that occurred, and in some cases, individuals may be able to walk away without suffering significant harm while others need medical attention. For the latter cases, issues with their finances could also result from the physical trauma endured.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a construction accident that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the project involved a high-speed rail system, and five workers were injured when two rebar towers collapsed. One tower struck a second tower, which crashed down on the workers. It was unclear what exactly caused this incident to take place.

Family may seek workers' compensation after construction fatality

When a family loses a loved one due to work-related injuries, emotional turmoil can certainly result. In addition to those feelings, however, individuals may also experience anxiety and concern regarding their financial affairs following such an event. Luckily, some of that financial stress may be alleviated if surviving family qualify for workers' compensation benefits.

One family in North Carolina and one worker may be looking into such benefits. It was reported that two workers were involved in a serious accident that took place on a construction site. The building under construction was reported as being a big-box store, but it was unclear what exact duties the workers involved in the incident may have been carrying out at the time. Nonetheless, the two individuals somehow fell four stories.

Cars can leave construction workers injured on the job

Though construction work can present many hazards to workers, outside catalysts can also spark serious accidents. When work sites are on or near roadways, workers have to worry about typical work-related risks, such as those that come with working with machinery, and they also have to worry about the potential for being struck by a vehicle. Unfortunately, these accidents are not uncommon, and construction workers could easily be injured on the job.

North Carolina residents may be interested in such an incident that recently occurred out of state. Reports indicated that a driver was attempting to exit the interstate when that individual lost control of the vehicle. As a result, the car overturned multiple times and came to a stop in a construction area. The incident took place around 11 a.m.

Being injured on the job may cause financial setbacks

Facing financial setbacks can easily cause individuals' to feel as if their lives are spiraling. These types of setbacks could come out of the blue, and parties may feel ill equipped to handle the financial challenges presented. Unfortunately, many North Carolina workers who have been injured on the job may feel this way as medical expenses and lost wages take their toll.

One worker in another state may also soon be experiencing such hardships after a work-related injury. Reports stated that the person works in a processing plant that handles a fiber material known as flock. At some point during the processing, the material goes into drying ovens. Apparently, one of these ovens exploded and caused a fire in the plant. It was noted that firefighters were able to put the fire out quickly.

Claims and appeals for workers' compensation in North Carolina

Workers who are injured at work will usually opt to file for workers' compensation benefits to help them get their medical bills paid for. If they aren't able to return to work right away, they might need the wage replacement benefits.

You would think that it would be very easy to obtain workers' compensation benefits, but this isn't always the case. Many workers apply for the benefits and then get a letter that either denies them benefits or states that they will get fewer benefits than what they were expecting. Here are some important points to know about the workers' compensation system in North Carolina:

When workplace injuries prove fatal, families may need benefits

Working in any type of industrial plant can present considerable risks to employees. Due to the variety of machinery and equipment that workers often need to utilize, it is not uncommon for serious accidents to take place. Unfortunately, industrial accidents can easily result in serious workplace injuries or even death.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an industrial accident that recently took place in a nearby state. Reports indicated that the incident occurred at a flooring plant and involved a 51-year-old worker. Apparently, the man had become caught between two machines in the plant. It was unclear how the man became stuck, but it was noted that there was no criminal investigation taking place in relation to the event.

Workplace injuries may leave North Carolina workers shaken

Going to work is something that most North Carolina residents carry out several days a week. They may not think much about heading to their jobs as the obligation may simply seem like part of their routine. However, suffering workplace injuries is anything but routine, and individuals may find their typical schedules shaken up by a work-related accident.

Two workers in another state may feel shaken up themselves after being injured in a construction accident. The two individuals were working on renovations in part of a recycling plant when a wall of the plant collapsed. Reports stated that the collapse caused a small avalanche of debris, and the two workers became caught up in the flow. It was unclear whether they became trapped as a result.

Those with workplace injuries may need financial benefits

Sudden accidents on job sites can often cause a great deal of panic. If workers were in the vicinity of the accident when it occurred, those individuals may fear that the workers involved could be seriously injured. Unfortunately, unexpected events often take place on construction sites and other work locations, and many people end up suffering workplace injuries.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an incident that recently took place out of state and left several individuals hurt. Reports stated that a construction crew was working on a three-story row house when the roof of the house collapsed. Apparently, cinder blocks that were stacked on the roof played a role in the incident. There were six workers inside the building when the collapse took place.

Loading dock safety is crucial to prevent injury

Loading dock workers are men and women who handle the loading and unloading of semitrucks. They are crucial to the shipping industry, which moves goods around the country.

The nature of the work and the site conditions make this a very dangerous job. These workers are at risk of suffering from injuries or even death. Keeping them safe is vital for everyone involved because an injured worker could mean that the loading dock is now short one person, which could impact daily production. In some cases, shipment unloading and loading could be delayed due to accidents.

Truck driver suffers serious injuries in construction accident

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration has safety guidelines and regulations for almost every job. For that reason, most on-the-job injuries are preventable. The agency has launched a formal investigation into a construction accident in North Carolina to determine what caused one worker to be sent to the hospital with serious injuries.

An NC Department of Labor spokesperson says the incident occurred in Wilmington on a recent Wednesday morning. Reportedly, construction workers at a project at which culverts are being replaced were in the process of loading four drainage pipes onto a truck. For reasons yet to be determined, one of the massive pipes rolled off the flatbed truck. The 50-foot pipe struck the truck driver who was an employee of a different company.

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