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Construction accident leaves man injured in North Carolina

Working in the construction industry can cause many people to look forward to going to work. Seeing their hard work turn into lasting structures can be a point of pride for numerous individuals. Of course, even if individuals love their jobs, they certainly understand that a construction accident could suddenly take place that leads to their suffering serious injuries.

It was recently reported that a man in North Carolina was caught in such an incident. The man was apparently working as part of a construction crew to erect a new apartment complex. He was reportedly working on the roof of the three-story structure when trusses from the roof collapsed. The trusses fell on the man and caused him to suffer injuries.

What benefits can you receive if your loved one dies due to work?

It only takes one accident at a work site to utterly change you life. One moment, you're kissing your spouse goodbye in the morning, and the next, you're having the worst phone call of your life. In the days that follow, you will likely struggle with a host of emotions from denial to anger. You may feel like some things were left undone or unsaid, which can be a source of regret and pain. You may also find yourself worrying about how your family will get by without the primary wage earner's income.

While it's hard to really think about practical matters when dealing with grief, it's important that you tend to them regardless. There is only so much time in which you can file a claim for workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina. If your loved one dies in a work-related accident or succumbs to a medical condition directly attributable to his or her employment, you likely have the right to receive workers' compensation benefits.

Being injured on the job can pose numerous hardships

Any type of injury can impact a person's life. In some cases, an individual may not have the ability to return to work soon after being hurt, may not be able to return at all or may lose the ability to perform the same job that he or she once could. If any of these scenarios result from being injured on the job, there is a possibility that the injured person could receive workers' compensation.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent work-related event that caused injuries in another state. Apparently, a man had been working with a construction crew and was working to dig a trench for a new sewer line when the accident occurred. Reports stated that the man was hit by a piece of equipment.

Serious, fatal workplace injuries could happen in an instant

When a serious accident occurs, many people may not have seen it coming. Unfortunately, sudden events happen quite often, and in many instances, accidents can lead to serious or fatal injuries for those involved. Workers are not immune to such events, and in fact, most individuals face considerable hazards every day. When a person suffers workplace injuries, the need for workers' compensation may present itself.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a fatal work-related accident that recently occurred in another state. Reports indicated that a construction crew was working on an apartment building when a serious incident took place. Apparently, three individuals were in a lift working to place gutters on the structure. However, one of the gutters came in contact with a power line, which caused electrocution.

Workplace injuries may prove fatal in North Carolina

Any type of sudden accident that results in the death of a loved one can prove devastating. When families learn that a work-related incident resulted in fatalities, it can be difficult to wrap their heads around this news. Unfortunately, it is not unheard of for workplace injuries to have deadly results, and many individuals may be left looking for answers.

North Carolina residents may be interested in a fatal work-related accident that recently occurred in another state. Reports indicated that the man worked at a hydraulic motors plant and that the incident took place when he and others were conducting a motor testing operation. During this procedure, a safety hood reportedly hit the man. It was unclear what exactly caused this accident to happen.

Being injured at work may cause financial hardships

Some workers may have a reasonable and significant fear of suffering injuries on the job. Unfortunately, this fear is not unwarranted in many occupations as risks are around every corner. When a person is injured at work, the specific circumstances of the incident could play a considerable role in how significantly his or her life is affected.

North Carolina residents may be interested in an injury-causing accident that recently took place in another state. The event occurred at a whiskey distillery, and apparently only one person was injured in the incident. It was unclear what may have caused the accident, but it was reported that a still exploded. The explosion caused the still to move approximately 12 feet from its original position.

Airline crews need to be provided with proper safety measures

Airline employees face many risks due to the nature of the work. These include everything from violence from passengers to outdoor surface hazards. People who work in this industry include pilots, flight attendants, baggage handlers and others. Each of these comes with its own hazards from which workers must be protected.

When airline employees get injured, there is a good chance that they will have to miss work. This can lead to workers' compensation claims and other legal actions, depending on the circumstances. Here are some points to know about the dangers of the airline industry:

Fall-related construction accident can lead to serious harm

Falls can happen at any time. Some individuals may be particularly clumsy and trip over themselves, or parties may end up falling due to hazardous conditions. Whatever the circumstances, falls can lead to serious injuries. When the incident takes place as part of a construction accident, there may be an even higher likelihood that the worker or workers involved could face severe harm.

North Carolina residents may be interested in one out-of-state worker who was recently injured in a work-related fall. Reports stated that the man was part of a construction crew working on building a casino. The man had only been on duty for a short time when he reportedly fell down an elevator shaft. Details on how the accident occurred were not given in the report.

Industrial accidents: North Carolina worker killed after fall

When a family loses a loved one due to a work-related accident, the news can leave those surviving family members feeling fractured. They may not know how to handle this unexpected event and could face many difficulties in its aftermath. Unfortunately, industrial accidents happen quite often, and many workers can suffer serious or fatal injuries as a result of these incidents.

One worker in North Carolina recently lost his life due to such an event. Reports stated that the man was working at Charlotte Pipe and Foundry when he fell into a hole. Apparently, the hole was being dug in order for the crews to install footers for a safety system for added fall protection. It was unclear what may have caused the man to fall into the hole.

Explosions could easily lead to workplace injuries

A sudden event could happen on the job at any given moment. Some individuals may be carrying out their work-related duties as usual only to unexpectedly find themselves in a panic due to an accident. Some of those workers may also end up in a great deal of pain if they suffer workplace injuries as a result of the incident.

North Carolina residents may be interested in such an event that recently took place in another state. Reports indicated that the incident occurred at an oil drilling site. It was unclear exactly what happened, but some sort of industrial accident apparently occurred. The event caused an explosion that resulted in the drilling facility catching fire. It took fire crews all night to attend to the flames.

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