Charlotte Unlawful Discharge Lawyers

Charlotte Unlawful Discharge Lawyers

An Employer Can’t Fire You For Filing A Workers’ Comp Claim

Workers’ compensation is a provision of the law that is intended to be a safety net for injured employees, and a form of financial and legal protection for employers. It is illegal or unlawful for employers to use legitimate workers’ comp claims as an excuse for retaliatory discharge of employees who have been hurt on the job. Reducing your benefits of employment, such as taking away your health insurance, may also violate the law.

If you got hurt on the job and were fired in North Carolina, please tell us about it. Contact a lawyer at the Charlotte law offices of The Bollinger Law Firm.

You may have multiple claims and causes of action against your employer. If you are fired while on restrictions from your injury, you may be owed ongoing workers’ compensation benefits. We are prepared to help you obtain all applicable workers’ compensation benefits at the same time that we prepare to sue your former employer for wrongful termination in violation of the Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA) or under state common law.

Did Your Employer Violate North Carolina’s Retaliatory Employment Discrimination Act (REDA)?

Attorneys of The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, are career injury and disability advocates. We are prepared to stand by our clients through all administrative procedures that are involved in filing claims and complaints pertaining to REDA violations. If it is necessary, we will take your case to court to help you obtain justice.

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Do not just sit back and take it if you have been laid off or fired, or had your benefits of employment reduced, after filing a workers’ compensation claim related to a workplace injury. For your own sake and on behalf of other North Carolina workers, take a stand.

Contact us to schedule a free strategy session regarding unlawful retaliatory discharge stemming from a workers’ comp claim. We feel strongly that employees should not be mistreated, and that employers should not use their superior bargaining power to take advantage of injured workers. We will fight for you! Call us at 704-377-7677 or toll free at 866-326-3090.