Kids’ Chance of NC Helps Children of Workers Killed on the Job

Fortunately, very few workers are killed on the job in NC every year.

But for the families of those who are killed, the consequences of the death can be severe.

The workers’ compensation community in North Carolina—lawyers, insurance companies, employers, medical providers—have gotten together and created (and funded) an organization called “Kids’ Chance of NC” in an effort to offset some of the economic hardship caused by workplace deaths.

The purpose of Kids’ Chance is to help pay the educational costs for the children of workers who are killed on the job in North Carolina.  Ideally, Kids’ Chance would like to provide a college education for every child who loses a parent in an on-the-job accident.

If you know of a child who has lost a parent in an on-the-job injury, then please contact Bob Bollinger for more information about Kids’ Chance of NC.  Help the Bollinger Law Firm arrange to get this money paid out to the benefit of the kids it is intended to help!

Bob Bollinger

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