Your Social Media Posts can Doom Your Workers’ Comp Claim!

The Arkansas Court of Appeals recently allowed Facebook photos of a man partying and drinking to be used against him in a workers’ compensation hearing.  The man had claimed to have constant severe pain from his injury, and the court ruled that the photos he (or one of his friends) had posted on Facebook of him having a big ‘ol time were admissible in court to show that he really was not in so much pain after all.

The lesson here is pretty obvious:  If you have an ongoing workers’ compensation or auto accident claim, be very careful about what you post on your social media sites such as Facebook, My Space, or Twitter.   Be careful what you allow others to post on these sites about you.  Keep in mind that a friend or family member can post a photo of you on her own site, and “tag” you in the photo, making it real easy for anyone to find the photo of you.  So be careful with social media!

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