Construction worker dies after 15-foot fall at jobsite

North Carolina construction workers who are concerned about construction workplace accidents may have heard about the fall accident that took place at a jobsite in New Hampshire earlier this month. A 53-year-old subcontractor hired for a hotel expansion project sustained fatal injuries when he fell on the job.

The accident victim fell approximately 15 feet to a concrete floor and sustained injuries to his head when a crane ball struck the aerial lift he was standing on, according to a news report. He was transported to the hospital after the accident, and he died there. The cause of the victim’s death was blunt force trauma to the head, according to the state’s medical examiner’s office.

An investigation by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is underway to determine if any safety standards were violated at the site. An investigation could last from a few months up to a year, and this is routine both in North Carolina and in New Hampshire after a tragic incident like this takes place. The owner of the company that hired the victim as a subcontractor stated that they have remained compliant with the required safety and awareness regulations.

The sudden death of a loved one from an accident on the job brings with it uncertainty and grief, as well as financial strains in the form of funeral expenses and lost wages. The loss of a loved one can never be quantified, but compensation for the financial effects may be available, either through a workers’ compensation claim or a wrongful death lawsuit in certain cases

Source: The Dartmouth, “Worker dies after construction accident at Hanover Inn,” Amanda Young, March 15, 2012

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