Construction site accident kills 2 North Carolina DOT workers

While driving alongside a construction site on the road, many drivers may slow down to ensure the construction workers’ safety. This simple act may reduce the risk involved with a utility or Department of Transportation worker’s job.

However, construction workers’ accidents still take place for various reasons, and an investigation is ongoing to discover the cause of the recent construction site accident that resulted in the death of two Department of Transportation workers near Murphy, North Carolina, earlier this month.

According to a sergeant of the North Carolina Highway Patrol, it is unknown why a 65-year-old driver veered off the road and onto the shoulder of N.C. 60 west, where the five-man crew was working.

Authorities say the driver’s car hit a dump truck and struck two victims, one 60-year-old and one 56-year-old. According to the sergeant, investigators are working to figure out the exact cause of the accident and have sent evidence to the State Bureau of Investigation for analysis.

The driver was taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for the injuries he sustained.

Unfortunately, this was the second fatal construction site accident in North Carolina in the last few months. The earlier one was caused when a car barreled through a number of construction barrels and a barricade before hitting a cement truck and overturning. The cement truck driver was struck while standing by his truck. The vehicle caught fire and killed the driver. Another DOT worker was taken to the hospital.

Even though officials encourage drivers to remain aware of road conditions, North Carolina construction workers may sustain injuries while performing their duties. Injured workers will want to act quickly to report injuries and file a claim. Filing a workers’ compensation claim not only highlights the issue but also paves the way for recovering compensation for medical expenses or lost wages.

Source: Citizen Times, “2 NCDOT workers killed” Romando Dixson, August 3, 2012

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