How North Carolinians can reduce office injuries

Workplace injuries can range from a back injury due to incorrect posture, repetitive stress injuries due to repetitive motion on the job or slip and fall accidents on construction sites. However, there are some simple steps North Carolinians can take at the office to avoid sustaining a workplace injury.

As part of National Occupational Healthcare month, U.S. Healthworks is trying to raise awareness about workplace accidents and encourage adopting measures that would decrease injuries. The most important thing North Carolina employers and employees alike can do is redesign their workspace to create an environment that encourages better positioning.

One of the simplest changes to make in jobs where workers are required to sit at a desk for long periods is to select an appropriate chair. A chair with lower back support that keeps the spine as high as possible can go a long way in easing back pain. In addition to this, workers should remember to take short walks and stretch at the office to reduce fatigue and neck and back pain.

Once they have the correct chair, North Carolina employees should make sure their feet are not dangling above the ground. Adjusting the chair height to so that the employee’s feet are touching the ground ensures proper circulation.

When it comes to the actual workstation, a few changes can make all the difference. Rather than keep the keyboard proper up, North Carolina employers may be surprised to hear that it is better to keep keyboards flat on the desk, as this ensures better wrist positioning. Monitors should be kept at a distance where they can be viewed without leaning forward, as doing so can strain the lower spine.

One of the problems with the workplace injuries caused by these behaviors is that they are not immediately discoverable; they take time to develop. In addition, these injuries often must be treated for many weeks or months. North Carolina residents injured on the job may be afraid to receive treatment because of rising medical costs, but this is not the case. They have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim to cover their medical expenses and even time they have taken off from work due to their injuries.

Source:, “8 ways to prevent work-related injuries,” Paul Janes, April 23, 2013

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