Man crushed by heavy cylinder in work accident

North Carolina residents working in factories, warehouses, and industrial and construction sites may face more risk of workplace injury than other workers due to the nature of the job. Heavy equipment, strenuous physical labor and high physical positions can all contribute to the likelihood of an industrial accident or other workplace accident. In some situations, these accidents can even cause death.

An employee for Coastal Plating Company and Rister Crankshaft was recently killed on the job, which has pushed his surviving family to sue his employer. The man had only been on the job for three days when he was killed and his family argues that he was not properly trained. In addition, the family asserts that the workplace was unsafe because the equipment was in poor condition. The accident resulted when a cylinder of sand-blasting equipment, weighing over 2,500 pounds, fell on the man. The company has been cited by OSHA over the last five years for seven violations and OSHA is currently investigating this latest accident.

When accidents like this occur, an accident that never should have happened, it is possible that there was a negligent employer. Although it is impossible to guarantee a completely safe worksite in many jobs, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that equipment is maintained, employees have necessary safety equipment, and employees are properly trained. By ensuring that everything is functioning as it should be and training employees to be aware of safety risks, employers can reduce the risk of work accidents.

Regardless of negligence or fault, worker’s compensation is designed to provide for the financial needs of employees who have suffered a work accident. Worker’s compensation covers a range of injuries, including repetitive motion injuries, industrial and manufacturing accidents, motor vehicle accidents for employees whose job duties require driving, occupational diseases, and even psychiatric stress in some situations.

Source:, “Workplace Accident Victim’s Family Sues,” Andrew Ellison, June 19, 2013

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