Construction accident kills worker in Charlotte

Workers, and families of workers, injured or killed in a construction accident may have legal options to consider.

A Charlotte construction worker was recently killed in a work accident. The lift the construction worker was in came into contact with power lines and apparently electrocuted him. The construction accident occurred at an apartment building under construction near the UNC Charlotte campus. The accident occurred in the afternoon and firefighters responded to provide a rescue, however, within an hour it was reported that the construction worker had died. Crews were unable to save the man following the shock he suffered from a power line carrying 12,000 volts of electricity.

The system of workers’ compensation laws allows for injured construction workers to collect benefits, including medical expenses and lost wages. Workers may also receive benefits for temporary disability and depending on the nature of the work accident and the severity of the injuries suffered, may also receive permanent disability monetary award or vocational rehabilitation benefits.

Likewise, certain parties may be able to recover death benefits if a worker has been killed in a work accident. The process, however, can sometimes seem complex and may be initiated by the employer. As a result, family members who are left wondering what options family members might have following the loss of a loved one in a construction-site accident may wish to seek guidance and advice from someone who will advocate for family members.

A trained workers’ compensation attorney can provide understanding and share knowledge of the process with family members. The legal process seeks to protect surviving family members struggling with the practical and emotional tolls of the unexpected loss of a loved one.

Source: Charlotte Observer, “Worker apparently electrocuted during construction incident at UNCC,” Cleve R. Wootson Jr., October 14, 2013

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