Construction worker injured at famous race track

The prevalence of injuries on construction sites is a result of the hazardous environments in which employees work. Whether it’s a scaffolding accident or fall injury, these workplace mishaps are often due to unsafe work environments. For a construction worker, every day is full of potential hazards and injuries waiting to happen but thankfully, there is much that can be done for anyone hurt on the job.

Charlotte racing fans are no doubt aware of the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Fans in North Carolina have probably enjoyed numerous racing events the speedway hosts each year, but have probably given little thought to how the famous racing venue is maintained or renovated. These tasks fall on the unsung construction workers without whom the races couldn’t take place.

A construction worker was injured on the job recently while working on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. Emergency crews rushed to the scene at the time of the accident and found a member of the paving crew who had sustained non-life-threatening injuries, according to police.

Most injuries resulting from construction worker accidents are covered by North Carolina’s workers’ compensation system. Employees injured on the job file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits, which pay a set, predetermined amount to compensate injured workers for lost wages and medical expenses. When all goes well, the system works promptly to get injured workers the benefits they need. However, the system can be difficult to navigate. All too often, legitimate claims are rejected or injured workers receive less than they deserve. It can be important for injured workers to have an attorney fighting to make sure they get the benefits they need to help them recover from a workplace accident.

Source: RTV6, “Construction worker hurt in accident at Indianapolis Motor Speedway,” Oct. 22, 2013

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