Construction industry in N.C. leads in fatal workplace accidents

Workers injured in a construction workers’ accident have legal benefits to consider. Although the number of workplace injuries and accidents has dropped in North Carolina, the construction industry was the leading industry for fatal workplace accidents in the past year. There were ten fatal construction accidents last year and 16 the year prior. Overall, there were 35 workplace fatalities last year and 53 the year before.

The overall rate of injuries or sickness dropped last year to 2.9 incidents per every 100 full-time employees, which was down slightly from 3.1 incidents per 100 employees the previous three years. State officials have focused efforts on prevention of accidents. Although North Carolina remains one of the safer states for workers, struck-by accidents, workers caught in between machinery or objects and worker falls from elevations remain primary threats to worker safety and often are the cause of fatal workplace accidents.

While workplace fatalities can occur, other workers may suffer injuries in the workplace, such as in a construction workers’ accident. Injured parties may have a claim for workers’ compensation and families also may sometimes have a claim. Workers’ compensation is a system of benefits that allows those injured in a work accident, such as a construction site accident, fall accident or scaffolding accident, to recover lost wages and medical expenses. Making a claim for workers’ compensation is similar to making an insurance claim and allows the worker to potentially receive a variety of benefits.

At times, the workers’ compensation process may seem complex and involve additional parties. A trained workers’ compensation attorney can guide an injured worker through the process of making a claim for workers’ compensation and help ensure the benefits to which the worker is entitled are received.

Source: Insurance Journal, “Workplace Injuries Drop in North Carolina,” Dec. 4, 2013

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