Construction accident at North Carolina State University

Some jobs in North Carolina may be more dangerous than others simply because of the nature of the work involved. For example, construction jobs where heavy machinery, dangerous materials and wires and cables are hanging around the site may be more dangerous than an office job. However, whether a worker is injured in an office or on a construction site, they may be entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Three construction workers were injured in a construction workers’ accident in North Carolina recently. They were working at the North Carolina State University on the expansion project that began back in 2011.

The platform the three workers were standing on while they were helping a crane operator get a beam in place at the student center collapsed. They fell eight feet to the ground and were taken to the medical center to receive medical attention for their injuries. One worker injured his back, one his head and one his leg. No students were harmed in the accident.

As is common with all workplace accidents, the State Department of Labor is investigating the accident — the first one so far at the construction site. However, even one accident is too many when workers are injured. Assuring their safety is their employer’s duty, and holding the employer accountable in a workers’ compensation claim can raise awareness about the unsafe working conditions. In addition to this, the compensation received can be used to cover medical bills and even replace lost wages. However, injured workers may want to seek help navigating through the workers’ compensation system. Doing so can help ensure the worker’s rights will be upheld.

Source:, “Three injured in construction accident in NC site,” Jan. 23, 2014

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