The right equipment can prevent worker eye injuries

Worker safety encompasses many aspects-not only do employers need to create a safe working environment but also, where the nature of the work is such that requires outdoor work or work with machinery, workers should be provided with personal protective equipment. Personal protective equipment includes boots, gloves and even clothes in such industries. However, with an increase in diversification in the workforce, employers need to focus on ensuring each worker has equipment that fits them, as loose or ill fitting equipment may lead to work accidents.

North Carolina workers may not know that one of the hardest types of equipment to fit to each different worker’s facial structure is eyewear safety. Having proper eyewear is essential to avoid dust and debris entering the eyes and leading to construction workers’ accidents and slip and fall accidents. Even though 90 percent of eye injuries are preventable if workers have the right equipment, few managers are equipped with providing the right fitting equipment to their workers.

Debris entering the eye through gaps in eyewear is one of the main causes of eye injuries. Employers can prevent these injuries by providing personal fit testing across the workforce and if the budget is tight, consider getting adjustable eyewear. Employers shouldn’t wait until eye injuries have progressed to unacceptable levels before attempting to protect their workers.

If a North Carolina employee is injured on the job, they may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim. Some injuries become evident immediately, while others develop over time. Eye injuries may be in the latter category, and North Carolina workers should keep in mind they can file a workers’ compensation claim for either type. A successful claim may provide the worker with medical costs and replace wages lost due to taking time off for recuperation.

Source:, “Improving safety eyewear fit for better protection and compliance,” David Ianelli, Feb. 1, 2014

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