Two workers hurt in construction site accident

In Mecklenburg, there are many jobs that could be considered dangerous. One of the more treacherous but necessary jobs involves construction. In spite of all the safety precautions that reputable construction companies take, a work accident can happen at any time without warning. When a construction site accident occurs, those who have been hurt and their families need to understand that the injured person should be eligible for workers’ compensation.

Two construction workers were injured when several floors of a building crashed upon them. One of the workers is said to have suffered minor injuries, while the other has a head injury and is in more serious condition. His injuries are not thought to be life-threatening. It is not yet known what caused the floors to collapse, but it is believed that it might have been due to materials being dropped by a crane.

When there are construction workers’ accidents, those who are injured and their families have numerous concerns. These range from recovering from their injuries, embarking on a program of rehabilitation and returning to normal. Workers’ compensation is meant to help people who have been injured at work stay afloat while they’re recovering. Workers who are injured have a right to workers’ compensation. There are numerous types of injuries that should be covered and it’s not necessarily just a physical job such as construction that leads to injuries. Carpal tunnel syndrome, being exposed to fumes, and psychiatric issues from trauma are also frequent reasons for people to be unable to work. There are times when insurance companies will try to avoid having to pay for legitimate worker injuries.

In the above mentioned case, the workers were hurt when the floors above them collapsed. Regardless of the level of injuries they suffered in the construction site accident, they are still entitled to benefits. It is important to file on time and ask for compensation when it is needed. The smart decision for those who have been hurt at work is to discuss the matter with an attorney.

Source:, “2 injured in construction accident in downtown Boston,” Jackie Bruno, Mar. 20, 2014

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