Employee injured after an explosion at a North Carolina lab

Although there are certain jobs that are inherently dangerous, there are also some career paths that hold very little to any risks to employees. Even when this is the case, if proper safety measures are not upheld, an employee is not properly trained or an employer fails to safeguard their employees, even the safest jobs could endure a workplace accident.

Investigation is still ongoing after an explosion took place at a laboratory located in downtown Winston-Salem. According to preliminary reports, the small explosion occurred in a fume hood while an employee was conducting a routine experiment on the fourth floor of the lab located at the Wake Forest Innovation Quarter.

Emergency crews responded to the incident and they reported that one person was injured in the explosion. Crewmembers evacuated more than 100 employees from the building and hazmat crews entered the building to ensure the explosion did not spread. Following this sweep, emergency crews reported that there were no more risks or dangers present in the lab.

The details of the injuries suffered by the employee were not reported at this time. If the injuries required medical attention or surgery, the employee might consider filing for workers’ compensation. The workplace injuries they suffered might have resulted in significant medical bills. Furthermore, they might require rehabilitation if they suffered burns. This would mean taking more time off from work. The employee could also use the benefit to cover lost wages while they recover from their injuries.

Following a workplace injury, it is important for employers to understand the cause. This will help them establish new and updated safety features and training. Preventing future workplace accidents is crucial, and every incident should be treated seriously. Moreover, investigation conducted after the incident could help the injured party file for the workers’ compensation benefits.

Source: The Republic, “Explosion inside Winston-Salem laboratory leaves at least 1 hurt; streets blocked in downtown,” April 14, 2014

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