Employers encouraged to reduce workplace accidents

Employers hire workers of all ages, and it is their responsibility to make their workplace equally safe for employers in their mid-twenties and mid-fifties. Even though many people in North Carolina may think that younger workers bring with them energy and technological skill that older workers may not possess, that is not always the case. Older workers bring many advantages to companies as well. Not only do they usually have a lot more institutional knowledge, but they are also much more cautious on the job, which may end up resulting in less workplace injuries. Another reason they may avoid getting hurt on the job is because they are more likely to follow rules and regulations and less likely to goof around at work.

However, as workers get older, they bring to the job a few disadvantages. They may have more chronic conditions, and this may affect their health at the workplace and jeopardize the safety of their co- workers.

In spite of this, workers of all ages should be welcomed into the workforce, especially these days as older people are searching for jobs in tough economic conditions. Recognizing the importance of creating an age friendly working environment, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health has created a web page of safety and workplace culture recommendations. Many factors contribute to a worker’s health and safety at the workplace and addressing those that can be dealt with in the workplace can help reduce workplace injuries and illnesses.

When a North Carolina worker is hurt on the job, regardless of their age, they may be able to file a workers’ compensation claim to recover compensation. It is their right to do so. Doing so may ease the financial burden associated with the workplace accident as medical expenses and lost wages may be replaced.

Source: CDC, “NIOSH follows workers as they age, new topic page promotes healthy aging,” Nura Sadeghpour, April 1, 2014

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