Second fire in same North Carolina plant sparks investigation

Even though every job carries with it some risk of injury, some jobs may be inherently more dangerous than others. These hazardous jobs could result in factory or industrial accidents. Workers are operating heavy machinery, often performing repetitive and boring tasks that could dull them into complacency and result in industrial accidents. Depending on the line of work, industrial workers could also be exposed to dangerous chemicals that could lead to factory explosions and fires.

Investigators are looking into a fire that recently occurred at a tire plant in North Carolina. This was the second time a fire had broken out in the same plant in a week.

According to authorities, the second fire began in the duct work of the mixing department in the evening. Workers immediately began to put out the flames and firefighters took over soon after. It took about 30 minutes to put out the blaze. So far, no injuries were reported, but investigators are looking into what caused both fires in the same department.

It is an employer’s duty to provide a safe working environment for its workers, whether the workspace is an office or a factory. This means ensuring not only that all safety regulations are met, but also that workers are trained in using the machinery correctly and are familiar with safety procedures. Employers should also encourage a culture of trust, so injured workers can step forward and report their injury, as is their right. Reporting the injury and receiving workers’ compensation can be one way the injured worker can focus on recuperating without worrying about the unexpected medical expenses associated with the work accident.

Source:, “Fire Sweeps Wilson Tire Plant For Second Time In Two Weeks,” July 5, 2014

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