Injuries covered by North Carolina workers’ compensation

After going over the blog posted on the Charlotte NC Workers’ Comp Law Blog last week regarding the rejection of workers’ compensation benefits to injured state workers because their injuries were not sustained during the course of their employment, North Carolina workers may be worried about what injuries do come under the scope of workers’ comp. The simple answer is that any injury that is in connected to an employment condition or requirement is covered by workers’ compensation.

Again, this explanation may leave a lot left to be explained. FindLaw lists lung cancer caused by working in a restaurant that allows workers to smoke or a sprained ankle after falling from a telephone pole as examples of compensable injuries.

Most injuries that take place in the workplace can be classified as compensable also, as long as the injured worker was performing duties related to their employment. Injuries can also take place in other locations such as a truck, as long as the employer was doing something connected to their job.

Depending on state laws, horseplay can sometimes be included in the causes of compensable injuries. If an accident takes place during lunch break but in the cafeteria or in a location owned by the employer or while performing work duties, such as a client lunch in a restaurant, this accident may be considered work related.

A preexisting condition that has worsened due to the nature of the work the injured worker is performing may also be covered by workers’ compensation in some circumstances.

Workers’ compensation coverage includes many aspects and injured North Carolina employees should not be hesitant to report their injury because of how it was caused. A work related accident can occur at any time and any place and it is an injured employee’s right to file a workers’ compensation claim to recover medical expenses.

Source: FindLaw, “What Types of Injuries are Compensable Under Workers’ Compensation?,” accessed on Aug. 11, 2014

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