Consult experienced counsel before filing workers’ comp claim

An on-the-job injury at a work site could be life changing. After North Carolina construction workers are injured in a work accident, they may not know what their options are and who to turn to for guidance on the matter. They may consider approaching an insurer, but insurers often delay or mishandle claims for accidental injuries, even where time is of the essence due to the nature of the injury.

Filing a claim for workers’ compensation is one way injured North Carolina workers can ensure their financial and medical needs are met during their time of need. It is an injured workers’ right to file a workers’ compensation claim after an injury and workers should not feel like they are betraying their employers by doing so. Workers’ compensation exists to protect both an injured employee and the employer.

However, it is common for employees to get stuck between workers’ compensation insurers and other group insurers, with each group pointing to the other. Lawyers at our firm understand these delay tactics and are familiar with them and can help injured workers cut through the red tape.

Sometimes all it takes is a letter from one of the lawyers at our firm to resolve a dispute and other times lawyers at our firm represent injured workers in administrative trials. With their vast experience in workers’ compensation claims, our lawyers handle each situation separately and can deliver accordingly.

Injured workers should focus on their rehabilitation and recovery without worrying about how the medical bills will be paid, as is their right. Lawyers at our firm help injured North Carolina residents do just that. Those seeking to understand more about workers’ compensation claim could access our firm’s overview. This could help workers and their loved ones understand the process so they can better navigate a claim.

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