Injuries and death result in NC construction accident

When a worker is injured in an accident in North Carolina, they may have the right to file a workers’ compensation claim. Though the injury may seem minor at the time, medical costs associated with the accident can pile up and pose a burden on already struggling workers.

In addition to this, sometimes it is necessary to take some time off to recuperate from an accident, but the fear of losing wages deters people from taking the necessary time away from work. Workers’ compensation can also cover wages lost during this period. If someone loses a life in a tragic work accident, their family may be able to file the claim on their behalf.

A construction worker and four others were injured in a construction accident in North Carolina at a community college. The community college is pursuing various new projects under a borrowing agreement, and two bridge projects are part of this. The accident took place on one of these pedestrian bridges. The construction crew was pouring concrete on part of the bridge when the accident occurred. 40 feet above the ground at its highest point, the bridge collapsed during the process of pouring concrete. The injured were taken to the hospital to receive medical attention for their injuries. It is an employer’s responsibility to make a workplace safe, even if the workplace is a construction site.

Workers should be given proper safety training and provided with equipment that protects them in case of an accident. When this fails and an accident takes place, employees can avail themselves of their right to file a claim.

Source: Wxii, “1 dead, four injured in construction accident at NC community college,” Nov.13, 2014

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