Three injured in construction accident in North Carolina

Along with development comes construction and improvement of cities, roadways, buildings and facilities. This is what was taking place at a camp operated by a ministry in North Carolina where a recent construction workers’ accident took place that ended up injuring three people.

According to emergency officials, the accident took place in the morning at the camp located near the border of North and South Carolina. Two workers fell from the third floor of the construction project to the floor below as they were pouring concrete and the floor gave way beneath them. The project was a multi floored dormitory-type building.

One of the injured suffered an arm injury and the other two were transported to various hospitals for medical attention.

Sustaining a workplace injury is no small matter, especially if the injury impedes one’s ability to work, for the short or long term. For a construction worker, an arm or leg injury means the difference between being able to work or not. In addition to this, medical bills during a period of being unable to work add stress than can hamper the recovery process. One’s family life is also impacted by the sudden loss of income and increase in expenses.

Workers’ compensation is a system that protects workers in this situation and it is an employee’s right to file a claim with their employer in case of an injury. Not only can they get compensated for their medical expenses but they may also be able to recover lost wages. An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer may be able to assist injured construction workers in this regard.

Source:, “Worker injured after floor gives way at camp construction site,” Jan. 20, 2015

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