We can help your recovery after a construction workers’ accident

As readers of the Charlotte NC Workers’ Compensation Blog may have read last week, a construction accident in North Carolina recently injured three workers, one of whom sustained an injury to the arm. A workplace injury requires medical attention to heal and with medical care comes medical bills that may be very high. Additionally, especially in the construction business, an injury to an arm or a leg means taking time off from work during a period of unexpected medical expenses.

To protect workers in these situations, workers’ compensation acts as a safety net for workers injured on the job. Despite this, however, workers’ compensation insurance carriers often create obstacles for injured workers and make it harder for them to claim their rights to workers’ compensation coverage. But experienced attorneys at our firm can help injured workers clear these obstacles and fight for a worker’s rights, even if it means taking the insurance company to court.

After an injury, an insurance carrier or employer is required to provide the injured worker with medical care that either cures the injury or reduces the symptoms. If not this, then the medical care provided should lessen the period of disability from work. They choose medical providers and determine whether the injured worker can have diagnostic tests run or not. However, an injured employee does have the right to request that the treating doctor be changed and lawyers at our firm can help them with this request.

Injured workers may find themselves pulled in different directions in these situations and they may be taken advantage of by their insurance providers. However, attorneys at our law firm are familiar with the tactics used by these companies and can help injured workers secure the medical care that they deserve after a construction workers’ accident. We can help injured workers with the complexities of their legal cases so that they can focus on recuperating.

Source: For more information about medical treatment after an injury, please check our page.

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