We can help determine if injury is work-related or not

Getting hurt on the job is a worry in and of itself-add to it the stress of medical bills and determining if the injury was sustained in the course of employment or not, and North Carolina employees may end up feeling overwhelmed. However, they may not be aware that lawyers at our law firm can help alleviate their stress by guiding them through the legal process.

As mentioned previously on the North Carolina workers’ compensation blog, not every injury sustained while at the office is considered a workplace injury and, oftentimes, employers can try to wiggle out of paying compensation by disputing the validity of the claim. But, lawyers at our firm can help North Carolina injured workers get the compensation they deserve if their injury was sustained during the course of their employment.

There may be immense pressure on an injured employee to accept the first offer a workers’ compensation insurer makes and take the easy way out. However, injured workers should keep in mind they have options, and accepting a subpar offer may limit their ability to accept workers’ compensation and it is possible the compensation rate is not calculated correctly. Lawyers at our firm can calculate weekly wages and determine the correct rate of compensation; we are not afraid to take the fight to the courtroom if the need arises.

Lawyers at our firm have successfully handled hundreds of cases and can provide valuable assistance to injured workers. We understand that workplace injuries have long and short term physical and financial effects and compensation from a successful claim should take into account all of these factors.

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