Workplace diseases can result from a number of causes

Although training and safety protocols should prevent them, workplace injuries can still be a problem for some employees in the metropolitan Charlotte area. From minor bumps and cuts to major injuries that require surgery and other therapeutic treatments, workplace injuries cost companies and their employees both time and money. Another issue, however, can also force workers to stay away from their jobs and recover from employment-related harm.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, American workplaces can inflict many diseases and illnesses upon their workers. Workplace issues such as exposure to infectious diseases and allergens can leave workers suffering from problems that affect their internal immune systems. Exposure to dangerous technologies and equipment can result in workers suffering from radiation illness, cancer, muscular and skeletal stresses and other problems related to the functioning of their bodies.

One commonly forgotten area of workplace disease that many individuals overlook is work-related mental illness. Stress that causes a worker to internalize harmful practices can affect a person to the point that he cannot do his job. Therefore, workplace diseases can affect both the physical and psychological processes of a worker’s body.

Workplace diseases are a serious problem for employers and their employees. When employers fail to protect their employees from the injury and illness-causing elements of their businesses, those employees may have rights to compensation for their damages. However, every workplace disease or illness-based personal injury claim is different. Individuals who believe that they may have legal claims based on such causes may choose to work with personal injury attorneys who can provide them with tailored guidance on how best to proceed with their particular claims.

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