Industrial accidents: North Carolina worker killed on the job

Working in the construction industries and industrial settings often pose considerable hazards. Industrial accidents could easily leave a worker with serious injuries that could, in some cases, prove fatal. If such an event occurs and a worker is killed on the job, the family of that individual may wish to find out information on workers’ compensation benefits and whether they are able to qualify.

The family of one North Carolina industrial worker is likely exploring such an option after a recent event. Reports stated that the worker was performing maintenance while standing on the platform of a forklift. As he was working, a large, disc-shaped piece of the machine fell from the top of the machine and apparently hit the man.

The incident resulted in the man suffering fatal injuries. His age and identity were not released at the time of the report. Due to the nature of the incident, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration is conducting an investigation. It was noted that the company for which the man worked had faced safety violations in the past. It was not disclosed whether any violations had yet been found pertaining to this incident.

The family members of the North Carolina man are undoubtedly shaken and grief-stricken by the sudden loss of their loved one. Due to the financial struggles that could result from this incident, the family may wish to look into workers’ compensation benefits. Likewise, any others who have been negatively affected by such industrial accidents may be compensated for financial damages resulting from similar incidents.

Source:, “OSHA: Worker killed in Pineville industrial accident hit by large disc”, April 11, 2016

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