North Carolina roadway workers injured on the job

On-the-job injuries are unfortunately a risk for the majority of workers in various professions. The types of jobs could add certain hazards for the workers and increase their chances of being injured on the job. For example, roadway workers could be at considerable risk of being hit by passing vehicles or other serious accidents, and unfortunately for two workers in North Carolina, a similar situation recently took place.

Reports stated that two workers were on a roadway when a passing vehicle struck them and their Department of Transportation vehicle. The department truck was apparently parked along the road, and the two workers were presumably outside the vehicle when the accident occurred. The vehicle was apparently traveling eastbound when it hit the workers and the truck.

One of the workers was pinned between the car and the work truck, and the second worker ended up on the other side of a guardrail. Both individuals suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital for treatment. The driver of the car is facing charges for causing serious injury to the workers by not moving over into the far lane in the presence of official vehicles.

Because the workers were injured on the job, they may face many difficulties in the near future. Their injuries may take time to recover from, and as a result, they could potentially be unable to return to work for some time. Due to the work-related injuries, the North Carolina workers may be able to qualify for workers’ compensation. These benefits could assist in the payment of medical bills as well as fill in gaps for lost wages. Additional information on such benefits could help them determine whether they may qualify.

Source:, “N. Carolina highway workers struck by vehicle on I-440 in Raleigh“, Chris Hill, April 21, 2016

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