Work fatality a basis for workers’ compensation in North Carolina

Being hurt or killed while on the job can have serious repercussions for the workers and/or their family members. Workers’ compensation benefits may be able to help alleviate some of the financial strain that could stem from such a situation. North Carolina residents may be interested in a recent incident in another state that led to the deaths of two workers.

Reports stated that the situation involved a train carrying 341 passengers and workers who were apparently near the train tracks at the time. A backhoe was on the tracks while the train was traveling south on those rails. As a result, the train collided with the backhoe, which resulted in the train derailing. It was noted that 35 passengers on the train were injured, but their injuries were not considered life threatening.

However, the backhoe operator and a supervisor were killed in the incident. It was unclear why the work equipment was on the rails at the time, particularly since train schedules are often known ahead of time. It was noted in the report, though, that the train was going over the speed limit.

The families of these deceased workers are undoubtedly grief-stricken over their sudden losses. If North Carolina residents have faced similar circumstances, they may wish to determine whether they could potentially qualify for workers’ compensation benefits on behalf of their deceased loved ones. Information on such benefits and how to potentially qualify may prove useful to interested parties. Additionally, consulting with an experienced attorney may help individuals who feel that they may be entitled to compensation.

Source: NBC News, “Amtrak Train Derailment Near Philadelphia Leaves 2 Dead, 35 Injured“, Elisha Fieldstadt and Jacquellena Carrero, April 3, 2016

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