On-the-job death and workers’ compensation in North Carolina

When a death occurs while North Carolina residents are on the job, the situation likely requires significant attention. Details on how the incident took place and what led to the worker’s death can play important roles in various capacities. The family of a deceased worker will likely also give the situation their utmost attention due to the sudden loss and grief they are feeling, and they may also wonder how they will handle the near future and whether they could be entitled to workers’ compensation.

One family in another state may be dealing with such emotions and worry after a recent industrial accident. Reports stated that the worker had been doing tasks relating to a heat exchanger while on a platform. While working, a pipe reportedly fell from above the man and struck him. The incident resulted in fatal injuries.

Another worker stated that the area where the accident took place stayed open after the incident, but the workers were told to go home. Other workers are apparently continuing to perform tasks in other areas of the plant. A representative stated that authorities were notified of the situation and that an investigation was underway.

Situations such as this one can leave a family reeling. They may wonder how they will be able to carry on financially due to the sudden expenses relating to the death as well as the loss of income. If North Carolina residents have lost a family member in such a manner, they may wish to determine whether they may be able to receive workers’ compensation benefits to assist with the financial consequences of such a tragedy.

Source: kfdm.com, “KFDM uncovers new details about contract worker’s death at ExxonMobil“, Scott Lawrence, May 11, 2016

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