‘Attendant care’ services through workers’ comp

When a workplace accident results in catastrophic injuries that leave a worker unable to care for him or herself at home, attendant care services may be available through workers’ compensation.

What are attendant care services?

Attendant care services commonly involve a trained nursing assistant who comes to the injured person’s home to assist him or her during the day or around the clock, if necessary. The nursing assistance is available to help with tasks such as cooking and personal care, as well as leisurely tasks like taking a walk.

The purpose of attendant care is for the injured worker to get the home help he or she needs, while also making sure that the injured worker doesn’t get hurt again.

Who are attendant care services available to?

Most often, attendant care services are best for injured workers who can live at home independently to some degree, but need assistance with certain aspects of daily living.

The services may be available to any individual who is eligible for workers’ compensation benefits and has a medical need for in-home assistance.

In North Carolina, the insurance company responsible for the workers’ compensation may be required by the Industrial Commission to pay for this care.

However, in most cases insurance companies won’t offer to pay for attendant care services willingly, and the injured worker may have to fight for the benefits with the help of an attorney.

When family members can get paid to provide the care

In some cases, family members can be paid by workers’ compensation benefits to provide attendant services to their loved ones. Family members are paid at an hourly rate that is comparable to what someone from an outside company would be paid to provide the same services.

Our firm has assisted many clients with getting their family members paid by workers’ compensation insurance companies to provide attendant care services.

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