One huge mistake that destroys workers’ comp claims

Workplace injuries are extremely common, and not just in industries like construction. Every day, truck drivers, loading dock workers, flight attendants and other workers in seemingly safe jobs are injured at work.

While many of these workers are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits to help cover their medical expenses and lost wages, few end up with the benefits that they deserve. One reason for this is because injured workers make mistakes that derail or limit their claims.

Providing a recorded statement to the insurance company

An example of a simple but very damaging mistake many injured workers make is providing a recorded statement to the insurance company after the accident has occurred.

In many cases, injured workers agree to give insurance adjusters a recorded statement following the accident because they think that the insurer is on their side. The insurer will be the one paying the benefits, after all.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The recorded statement has one purpose and that is to minimize the benefits that the worker is entitled to. Insurance companies have their own best interests in mind, and it’s important to remember this, no matter how friendly an insurance adjuster may seem.

Even if the worker knows that he or she did nothing wrong and is asked to simply explain what happen, the statement can still come back to hurt the injured worker. The only way the worker can make sure that his or her claim is protected is by making no statement at all.

Am I legally required to provide a statement?

The insurance adjuster may lead the injured worker to believe that he or she is legally required to give a recorded statement, but this is not true. The worker, at the very least, has the right to meet with an attorney before making a statement.

How an attorney can help

An experienced workers’ compensation lawyer can make sure that the worker is aware of his or her rights as well as statements that could harm the worker’s claim. Therefore, before discussing anything with the insurance company, it’s important to meet with a lawyer.

The Bollinger Law Firm, PC, is based in Charlotte, North Carolina, but we accept workers’ compensation from throughout the state. We are not a firm that “rubber stamps” workers’ compensation claims. We give each case the personal attention that it deserves.

Don’t hire the first attorney you find

Whether an injured worker decides to contact The Bollinger Law Firm, PC or not, our recommendation is to at least interview more than one law firm before choosing a lawyer to handle your claim. And by all means, do not make a recorded statement to the insurance company without getting a lawyer’s advice.

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